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Member Spotlight

The Society thinks it’s time to acknowledge more members more often, so we’ve decided to place a spotlight on members whose dedication to the SCC has not gone unnoticed.


John Carola

North American Sales Director; Katonah Chemicals

Member since: 2012, New York Chapter

While in college, 17 years ago, I worked a seasonal job in loss prevention for Sephora. I was curious as to where all the products sold at Sephora came from and a friend of mine told me their company worked... Read more

Angelia Peavey

Technical Sales and Marketing Manager; SNF

Member since: 2011, Mid-Atlantic Chapter

I have always been fascinated about personal care products that we use daily. My very first job was in the lab working in the electronics industry. I also had a part time job as a sales associate. I always thought it... Read more