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Joy Welsh

Director of Product Development

Commonwealth Soap & Toiletries

Member since: 1989

New England Chapter

What made you pursue a career in the cosmetics/personal care industry?

When I graduated from college with my degree in Biology I had no idea that this wonderful cosmetic industry existed! After a short time at Ciba Corning where I worked in QC and ran tests all-day long, I saw an advertisement for a laboratory job at Crabtree & Evelyn in Woodstock, CT. I got the job and was hooked!

What advice would you give your younger self who is just starting out in the industry? 
I would tell myself to definitely join the SCC right away and attend the beginning cosmetic chemistry classes. By going to meetings and educational seminars you will get to know the great people in this industry. There is a wealth of knowledge in this industry and people will help you if you ask them. I would also say to get involved. It is a volunteer organization and it is rewarding.

What is the favorite part of your job?

The best part of my job is selecting fragrances and developing new products. I love to follow the fragrance and industry trends. It is exciting when I get a new product profile brief and I get to create new products and bring them to market.

What has been your most recent professional accomplishment?

Launching new bar soaps with naturals. I have recently worked on bars that contain charcoal which has become a hot ingredient. I continue to see natural products on the rise and we are incorporating new naturals into bar soaps more frequently.

How has membership in the SCC been of value to you?

I joined the NESCC right at the beginning of my career and it has helped me immensely, especially when I was younger. Joining the SCC and going to meetings, educational seminars and even social events was the best way to get to know people in the industry. The value of the meetings and the seminars are priceless. We have a small chapter so I started out as the NESCC Secretary and worked my way to National as an Area I Director. The people I have met along the way have been fabulous. I don’t have an official position now, but I continue to help our chapter by booking venues and helping out with our golf outing.

What is a fun fact about yourself, outside of the SCC and your professional life?

I own a corgi named Daisy and this is my second corgi. I fell in love with corgis because of my job at Crabtree & Evelyn. The original owners Cy & Rebecca Harvey brought their corgis to work and I got to know the breed. Winston (my favorite corgi at C&E) used to attend meetings with us! So I guess I can thank the cosmetic industry for my pets, also.