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Cosmetic science is a fascinating intersection of the disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology, physiology, and psychology. By integrating these fundamental areas, cosmetic science is able to advance our basic understanding of personal care and beauty, and the application of cosmetic science continually drives innovation across a wide range of markets and product categories. When you make the decision to join the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), then you'll be joining over 5,000 other industry professionals who already call us their professional home. See below for Membership Dues and Membership Type descriptions.


Penalty fees for lapsed membership:

  • Late Fee - $25 (hasn't renewed as of March 31st)
  • Reinstatement Fee - $50 (renewals starting April 1st)

Member Dues

Membership year is based on the calendar year (January through December); dues below shown in US Dollars.


(Affiliate, General, International)



















Prorated dues available based on join date:

  • Jan. 1st – Jun. 30th = full dues amount for current year (membership valid join date through December 31st of CURRENT YEAR)
  • Jul. 1st – Sept. 30th = half dues amount for current year (membership valid join date through December 31st of CURRENT YEAR)
  • Oct. 1st – Dec. 31st = full dues amount for following year (membership valid join date through December 31st of the FOLLOWING YEAR)

Member Types

The SCC is a vibrant community of members actively working for finished goods houses, raw material suppliers, academic institutions, government, contract manufacturing, and consulting companies. Membership in the Society provides access to a network of industry and subject matter experts.


Join as an Affiliate Member if you are:

Interested in the objective of the Society but do not currently meet qualifications for General Membership. (Please note: After five consecutive years in good standing, Affiliates are automatically upgraded to General Members).


Join as an Educator Member* if you are:

Any person who is a full-time educator who is a dean, teacher, professor or general educator from an accredited educational institution related to the cosmetic sciences, including, but not limited to the disciplines of chemistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering, business law or general business.


Join as a General Member if you are:

Engaged in scientific or technical work in the cosmetics and toiletries industry or in related governmental or academic areas. In possession of at least a Bachelor’s Degree in chemical, physical, medical, pharmaceutical, biological or related sciences and technology.


Join as a International Member** if you are:

A member meeting the General or Affiliate member eligibility requirements but primarily located outside the U.S. or Canada. International members will receive electronic communications only.


Join as a Junior Member* if you are:

Any person interested in a career in the cosmetic and personal care industry, who holds an undergraduate degree and currently pursuing a post-graduate degree.


Join as a Student Member* if you are:

A fully matriculated undergraduate student at a recognized college/university. Sponsored by the NextGen Initiative, the first calendar year of student membership is free. After the first year, Student Membership dues are a quarter of General and Affiliate Member dues.



*Entitled to all member benefits, except these member types are ineligible to vote or hold any elected office.

**Members shall have one vote on each matter put forth to the membership for a vote, except that they shall not be eligible to hold elected office within the Society or its Chapters.

Membership Changes Upon Approval


Change to Emeritus Membership if you:

Have reached the age of 65 years and have been a dues-paying member in good standing for 25 consecutive years. You may request for Emeritus status by emailing Colleen Daddino. Upon approval by the Board, you'll be entitled to all privileges of a General Member for life, with exemption from payment of dues, except that they are not eligible for election as an Officer or Director within the Society.


Change to Retired Membership if you:

Have retired from the cosmetic industry, are over 55 years of age, and have been a dues-paying member in good standing for 15 years. You may request for Retired status by emailing Colleen Daddino. Upon acceptance, Retired members are entitled to all privileges of a General Member, except that they may not hold elected office within the Society or its Chapters.


Change to Fellowship Membership if you:

Have achieved full maturity in the profession, as evidenced by a record of outstanding achievement and leadership. You may be elected a Fellow (Technical or Marketing) of the Society by the Board of Directors upon recommendation by the Fellow Certification Committee. For more information about Fellowship, click here.