When You Volunteer Your Time and Talent, You Reap Professional and Personal Rewards

By becoming a volunteer of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the oldest and largest nonprofit organization focused on cosmetic science education, you will not only add valuable experience to your resume but you will also build genuine relationships with colleagues who are just as dedicated as you are to advancing cosmetic science.

What's In It For Me?

Volunteering affords you the opportunity to:

  • Apply and enhance your leadership skills
  • Learn more about the cosmetics and personal care industry
  • Build a network of peers across Greater North America – and around the globe
  • Gain visibility for you and your company among the membership
  • Work on a project you’re passionate about
  • Influence the future direction of SCC

What Opportunities are Available?

  • Board of Directors (Vice President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Area Director)
  • Local Chapter Officer (Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect)
  • Committee Appointment (Chair, Vice Chair, Member)
  • Volunteer positions as needed

National Board Service

Position Descriptions and Nomination Process

For information on time commitment, term limits, eligibility criteria, responsibilities, and duties, click on the position(s) of interest below.


Get Involved!  



Committee and task force member information/expectations can be found here









Committee Service

Charter Descriptions of Committee, Task Force & Advisory Group

For information on time commitment, term limit, responsibilities and more, click on the committee of interest(s) below.

These charters are reviewed annually and approved by the SCC Board of Directors; information contained within is subject to change.


Prerequisite: Minimum 5 years of SCC Membership
























Prerequisite: Hold Fellows Certification