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Emmanuel Quartey

R&D Manager – Personal Care


Member since: 2002

Southeast Chapter

What made you pursue a career in the cosmetics/personal care industry?

The cosmetic industry was not my initial plan, since I had very little knowledge about the industry. After graduating from college, I got a temporal job in R&D, personal formulations and the plan was to work for a year for lab experience and go back to school. My first week in the lab working on various products turned out to be more exciting than expected and after the first month, I had already decided it was the career I want pursue.

What advice would you give your younger self who is just starting out in the industry? 

If I could give my younger self some advice, I would tell myself to try to gain formulation experience in multiple categories as much as you can.  Learn about other areas of the industry to guide your career path, because you may find other areas in the industry you enjoy more than where you started. Also, I’d suggest him to participate in educational seminars and other programs in the industry.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I enjoy being on the bench formulating and the process of taking a concept to finished product. It is always exciting and rewarding to see the first packaged product of a project you have been part of, roll off the line and on shelves.

What has been your most recent professional accomplishment?

Recent accomplishment is supporting our formulation team to develop a number of products that launched in 2018.

How has membership in the SCC been of value to you?

Participating in SCC organized seminars and continuing education courses, has been a great source of help in my career. Being a member of the SCC has also enabled me to meet and create relationships with other professionals in the industry.

What is a fun fact about yourself, outside of the SCC and your professional life?

I love to cook and bake in my spare time.