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OVSCC Quarterly Meeting
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OVSCC Quarterly Meeting

Dermal Absorption

Students $20 | Members $65 | Non-members $75

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Presentation details:

Speaker: Dr. Jerry Kasting

About the Speaker: Dr. Kasting is a Professor of Pharmaceutics and Cosmetic Science at the University of Cincinnati’s James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy. He teaches in the College’s graduate and professional programs including their highly regarded Cosmetic Science Distance Learning program.

Dr. Kasting’s research is in the area of percutaneous absorption. Much of this work has focused on the development of improved computational models for topical delivery and dermal risk assessment based on a mechanistic understanding of the percutaneous absorption process.

Abstract: Dermal absorption (less formally, skin penetration) continues to be important in multiple fields – occupational exposure, environmental science, and product development for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In the latter area, the delivery and retention of moisturizing agents and anti-aging ingredients in the skin come to mind. But risk assessment for pharmaceutical and cosmetic excipients is equally important. This presentation will focus on new tools for estimating the dermal absorption of arbitrary ingredients under a variety of exposure scenarios.

Happy hour starts at 5:30 PM and concludes at 6:30, followed by Dr. Kasting's presentation during dinner. Full details on dinner will be disclosed closer to the event. Specifically, at MadTree, we will be in the Oakley Taproom, upon entry there will be signs guiding us to the space.




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Additional dates we are planning events for in 2022 include:

  • August - In-Person (Tentative)
  • October - Golf Event
  • November - In-Person (Tentative)