Campaign Policies & Guidelines for National Office Candidates

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists is comprised of many members from various chapters which differ in size, financial health, and number of volunteers. All elected leaders of the Society’s Board of Directors have the common goal of providing benefits to the members in the form of educational programs, social activities, and opportunities for professional advancement under the leadership of peers. Each elected member of the Board is a volunteer who promises to uphold the interests of all members regardless of their position or status in the organization and to act as a steward of the organization’s funds and reputation.

In an effort to ensure a fair and impartial election process, the following policies have been established for those candidates running for any national office:

  • All candidates vying for an elected Board position will be given the opportunity to publish their goals and objectives (maximum of 500 words) in conjunction with the electronic ballot delivered to the eligible voting members of the Society.
  • No candidacy statements shall be published by a candidate or by any other party on their behalf, on any platform. All candidate statements shall be included with the official ballot and published by HQ.
  • Candidates should neither seek nor accept endorsements from any person, company, group, board or officer.
  • Candidates are to refrain from posting their candidacy, position statement, or other election-related information to any social media outlets.
  • All candidates are encouraged to attend any monthly meetings and society related events to convey their candidacy for office and, when given the opportunity, state their goals in a positive manner without detriment to the Society, its members, and/or any other candidate.
  • The Society has a zero tolerance policy with respect to any disparaging, slanderous and/or libelous comments made against any other candidate during a campaign.
  • Candidates shall not try to sway or influence any body or group to prevent any other eligible candidate from appearing on the ballot.
  • Candidates agree that they will not solicit votes via any electronic means (e.g. email, text, voicemail, video, social media, etc.), nor attempt to influence the results of any election by these means.
  • Candidates will immediately report to the chairperson of the Nominations & Elections Task Force any deviations from these guidelines of which they become aware.

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