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IBA FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop 2023

Ready to bust some myths about MoCRA?

Get the facts straight and ensure compliance in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry with the Independent Beauty Association’s, or IBA’s, virtual FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop, September 20 – 21, 2023. IBA has provided cutting-edge information and updates through their FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop for 40 years, and this year it’s a ‘must-attend’ event for everyone responsible for developing, testing, and marketing beauty, personal care, and wellness products in the United States.

The MoCRA Facility Registration and Product Listing Portal is opening in October, so tune in to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for this significant industry shift. IBA understands the challenges and opportunities in the cosmetics industry, which is why they are bringing together government officials and industry experts to offer tailored guidance. Get expert insights about MoCRA implementation from speakers like Dr. Linda Katz, FDA’s Director of the Office of Cosmetics and Colors, and FDA Chief Scientist, Dr. Namandjé Bumpus.

At the FDA Cosmetics Regulation Workshop, you’ll hear actionable updates on the cosmetic and personal care products industry’s latest issues, including a full day devoted to practical guidance on U.S. FDA MoCRA implementation. These exclusive sessions include ‘Unpacking Common Misconceptions & Speculation,’ ‘Cosmetic Adverse Event Reporting,’ and ‘International Brands and Manufacturer Obligations & US Businesses Working with International Manufacturers'.

Register today to immerse yourself in two days of essential programming to keep you informed with accurate and up-to-date information that keeps your business ahead of the curve.


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