Dr. Ron DiSalvo, 87, an omnipresent figure in the beauty industry for over 60 years, passed away April 10 with his wife, Dr. Jeane, by his side. Dr. Ron, as everyone knew him, was born in New York and relocated to the Los Angeles area as a child. At his parents’ insistence to go into a profession that would withstand any Great Depression, Dr. Ron started his career as a barber and stylist. Walt Disney was Dr. Ron DiSalvo noted as one of his regular clients. Dr. Ron also enjoyed acting as a youth and could often be seen in productions at the Pasadena Playhouse alongside actors Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman. It was at the Playhouse that Dr. Ron began experimenting with creating his own hair concoctions to help actors transition more seamlessly between plays.

It was at this moment that his interest in cosmetic science piqued.

In the 1960s, Paula Kent Meehan appointed him Vice President of Research and Development at Redken. Eventually, Dr. Ron started his consultancy, Integrated Research, working with notable brands like John Paul Mitchell Systems. It is with a smile that people recall his laboratory on a tugboat moored in Marina Del Rey’s harbor. Dr. Ron was a true pioneer in hair science, creating many innovative formulas ahead of their time.

Dr. Ron was a mentor and friend to many in the industry, not just aspiring chemists. He had a true passion and fascination for ingredients. He will be remembered for a lifetime in the minds and hearts of those in our industry, across the world, for his contribution to the cosmetic sciences. 


Content originally published on Happi.com