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2021 Education Courses

From courses scheduled in conjunction with chapters’ Suppliers’ Days to free webinars, the SCC has something for members at all levels in their careers: seasoned professionals, young professionals, students and those in need of a refresher on certain topics. CEP instructors provide attendees with critical knowledge enabling them to advance their professional development.

While we encourage you to register for any course that interests you, as a guide please note that courses marked  NextGen  are primarily geared toward young professionals, students and those who are new or looking for a refresher on certain topics. You can learn more about NextGen here.

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Fundamentals of Surfactants, Emulsions,
and Polymers in Cosmetic Formulation.          NextGen


Day 1: April 20, 2021 (11:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET)
Day 2: April 21, 2021 (11:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET)

A collaboration with the AOCS.

Instructed by Samiul Amin, PhD; Manhattan College, this two-day online CEP course will cover the fundamental surfactant, emulsion, and polymer science required for direct practical applications in formulation design. The course will develop the fundamental understanding of the physico-chemical properties of surfactants, emulsions, and polymers that can impact the performance criteria (e.g. stability, foaming, cleansing, rheology etc.) of cosmetic and consumer products. View the course outline here.


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Cosmetic Chemists Guide
to Product Development  NextGen

May 6, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time)
Held in conjunction with New York Suppliers’ Day

Instructed by Perry Romanowski; Element 44 Inc., This course will cover the entire process of how a new product gets created in the cosmetic industry. We are confident that after taking this course you will know details of the three main phases of product development from idea creation, prototype development and commercialization. 

Lipids in Personal Care
May 6, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time)
Held in conjunction with New York Suppliers’ Day

Instructed by Benjamin Schwartz; AAK, This course is a detailed look into the roles that plant-based lipids play in personal care and cosmetics formulations. Particular focus will be put on how the structure of fatty acids found in plant-based lipids, and more importantly the triglycerides and wax esters that contain them, determine the interdependent properties of oxidative stability, compatibility, solid fat content, and crystallization types of various oils, fats, and waxes. 

Skin Measurement Workshop 
May 6, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time)
Held in conjunction with New York Suppliers’ Day

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) & TRI Princeton have designed this workshop to take the participants through the basic science behind key skin measurements, and to update them on the latest developments in the field. If you are new to skin measurements, or just interested in keeping up to date with the latest methods, this is the workshop for you.

WEBINAR: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® Program – FREE TO SCC MEMBERS
June 6, 2019 (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time)

The goal of the USDA’s BioPreferred® Program is to increase the use and purchase of Biobased products. Webinar speakers Kate Lewis, a senior analyst for the USDA’s BioPreferred® Program and Florencia Goren, the Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategy for Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory will give an overview of the BioPreferred® Program. Kate and Florencia will discuss what the BioPreferred® program offers the industry and consumers, and how the audience can navigate the process to have their ingredients or marketed formulations become USDA Certified Biobased Products. 

High Throughput Formulation and Advanced Prototype Testing (2-Day course)
August 13-14, 2019 (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern Time)
Lecture & Lab Day

Instructed by Dr. Samiul Amin; Manhattan College, This two day course (mixing classroom instruction with hands-on lab work), will instruct participants on the principles and practices of high throughput (automated) formulation, along with advanced prototype testing (stability, particle sizing, rheology, tribology, surface tension, etc.). The aim is to give the cosmetic formulator a competitive advantage in creating high quality, unique products (both functionally and sensorially), while also maintaining awareness as to sustainability. 

Introduction to Cosmetic Rheology NextGen
September 25, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time)

Instructed by Dennis Laba, This course is appropriate for anyone looking to become more familiar with the basic concepts and definitions involved in rheology, and for those who have already been involved in the field and are looking to update and refresh their understanding.

Molecular Biology for Cosmetic Chemists NextGen
October 1, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time) 
Held in conjunction with California Suppliers’ Day

Instructed by Howard Epstein, PhD; EMD Performance Materials Corporation, This introductory course is designed for the cosmetic chemist and others interested in gene expression and molecular biology, without prior experience in this specialized subject matter.

The Science Behind Hair Claims 
October 1, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time) 
Held in conjunction with California Suppliers’ Day

Instructed by Trefor Evans, PhD; TRI Princeton, This course is for people working on hair care products, including but not limited to: Claims Substantiation, Marketing, Product Development, Technology Stewardship, and Ingredient Marketing.

Introduction to Sensory Characterization
of Cosmetic Emulsions

October 10, 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time)

Instructed by Gabriella Baki, PhD; University of Toledo and Mark Chandler; ACT Solutions Corp, This course will be useful for scientists, sales people and cosmetic marketers alike. This includes formulators, quality control chemists, and product development professionals. Raw material sales people will also benefit from learning about sensory testing.

WEBINAR: Sulfate-Free – What’s Wrong with Sulfates and Are the Alternatives Any Better?
June 3, 2020 (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time)

Sulfate-based surfactants have been the back-bone of most shampoos and liquid skin cleansing products for decades. Recently, however, they have had some bad press and launches of sulfate-free products have rocketed. This presentation will examine, from the perspective of a neutral observer, the arguments for and against moving to sulfate-free products.

[ONLINE] Essential Cosmetic Raw Materials
Day 1: September 28, 2020 (11:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET)
Day 2: September 29, 2020 (11:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET)
Part of NYSCC Suppliers’ Day At Home Live Week of Beauty

Instructed by Perry Romanowski; Element 44 Inc., this two-day online CEP course will provide an extensive review of the ingredients used to produce all types of cosmetic formulas. 

WEBINAR: Microbiological Quality in Cosmetics: Theory and Practical Experience
OCTOBER 22, 2020 (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET)

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists is excited to team up with the Independent Beauty Association for an open access webinar dealing with the important, and timely, subject of microbiological quality in cosmetics. Featuring moderators from both the SCC and IBA, plus two fantastic speakers from Cosmetics Consultants Europe, this presentation will provide an overview of a microbiological safety assessment, which is required in the European Union, as well as other regulatory zones, before placing cosmetic products on the market. 

This webinar was presented in conjunction with the Independent Beauty Association.

WEBINAR: 1,4 Dioxane in Cleansing (or Rinse-Off) Products: A Survival Guide – FREE TO SCC MEMBERS
NOVEMBER 11, 2020 (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET)

This webinar will review the unique chemistry of ether sulfates, which has made them such valuable, utilitarian, and difficult-to-replace materials. It will also include a discussion of rinse-off formulations that comply with the new NY State  limit of a 1 ppm 1,4 D max.

Speaker: Ricardo Diez, PhD; Rutgers University