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Society of Cosmetic Chemists – Past Presidents


Maison G. De Navarre 1946
Emil G. Klarmann 1947
Walter A. Taylor 1948
Raymond E. Reed 1949
Theodore N. Rider 1950
Everett G. McDonough 1951
Sol D. Gershon 1952
Paul G. I. Lauffer 1953
Donald H. Powers 1954
Kenneth L. Russell 1955
George G. Kolar 1956
Sabbat J. Strianse 1957
James H. Baker 1958
Savery F. Coneybear 1959
H. J. Amsterdam 1960
Sophie L. Plehner 1961
Warren B. Dennis 1962
Lester I. Conrad 1963
Robert A. Kramer 1964
Paul W. Jewel 1965
William H. Mueller 1966
Henry F. Maso 1967
Jesse H. Starkman 1968
Henry Isacoff 1969
Charles Fox 1970
Morris J. Root 1971
Martin M. Rieger 1972
Robert L. Goldemberg 1973
Hyman Henkin 1974
Stephen G. Hoch 1975
Joseph H. Kratochvil 1976
Karl Laden 1977
Phyllis Carter 1978
John J. Sciarra 1979
Stephen M. Greenberg 1980
Graham Barker 1981
Carl B. Felger 1982
Peter J. Kaufmann 1983
Gail P. Bucher 1984
Stanley E. Allured 1985
Stanley E. Allured 1986
Alfred J. DiSapio 1987
Paul Thau 1988
Dino G. Muccia 1989
Janet C. Curry 1990
David C. Steinberg 1991
Stanly R. Milstein 1992
James M. Akerson 1993
Robert Y. Lochhead 1994
Greg Wanamaker 1995
Virginia Shen 1996
Louis Calvo 1997
Kenneth Marenus 1998
Karl Popp 1999
Joseph Pavlichko 2000
Michael Smith 2001
Mindy S. Goldstein 2002
Colleen M. Rocafort 2003
Guy Padulo 2004
Greg Hillebrand 2005
Amy Wyatt 2006
Guy Padulo 2007
Linda Rhein 2008
Gary Agisim 2009
Robert Lochhead 2010
Randy Wickett 2011
Joseph Dallal 2012
Guy Padulo 2013
Dawn Burke-Colvin 2014
Tony O’Lenick 2015
Debbie Pierce 2016
Peter Tsolis 2017
Perry Romanowski 2018
Kelly Dobos 2019
Mindy Goldstein 2020
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Streland 2021
TBA 2022