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Thanks to our Full-Page Southeast SCC Chapter Sponsors

Thanks to our Half-Page Southeast SCC Chapter Sponsors

The Southeast Chapter newsletter is distributed online and by email five times during the year, published in March, April, June, October and November-December. The newsletters will be posted on the website as well. If you opt for the half page or full page option, your sponsorship spotlight will also appear on our website.

Full Page Ad (includes 5 Issues)
Newsletter - 6.944 inches wide x 9.722 inches high
Website - 500 pixels wide x 700 pixels high

Half-Page Ad (includes 5 Issues)

Newsletter - 5.556 inches wide x 5.556 inches high
Website -  400 pixels wide x 400 pixels high

Quarter Page Ad (includes print issues only)
Newsletter -  3.472 inches wide x 3.472 inches high
Quarter Banner Ad - (not included on website) 250 pixels wide x 250 pixels high

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