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EcoMundo Regulatory Services and Software
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
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EcoMundo Regulatory Services and Software

Contact: Emmanuel FRITSCH

Work Address: 

EcoMundo Canada Inc.
4284 Rue de la Roche
Montreal, Quebec H2J 3H9

Work Phone: (514) 466-4284

Work Email:

Provider Info:

Home of Cosmetic Factory (Product lifecycle management) and SDS Factory, EcoMundo offers the most advanced, global and expert cloud software solution for cosmetic chemists and formulators, regulatory, safety, quality and marketing professionals. In addition, we offer a vast array of regulatory, strategy, and toxicology services under one roof:

- Cosmetic compliance and registration (EU/UK Product Information File & Safety Assessment, Canada, U.S. and International regulations)
- OTC Drugs and U.S. FDA registration services
- DIN/NHP compliance and registration with Health Canada 
- EU/UK Biocidal and Detergent products
- SVHC compliance
- EU & UK REACH/CLP compliance and Only Representative (OR)
- EU & UK Responsible Person (cosmetics)
- Dietary supplements, candles, home care, etc.

EcoMundo's approach is resolutely focused on research and excellence, with our constantly evolving solutions, compliance becomes an innovation driver for our clients.


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ContactEmmanuel FRITSCH
Address Line 1EcoMundo Canada Inc.
Address Line 24284 Rue de la Roche
Address Line 3Montreal, Quebec H2J 3H9
Work Phone(514) 466-4284