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Custom Ingredients LLC

Contact: Cathy Clark

Work Address: 

P.O. Box 772

Chester SC 29706

Work Phone: 803-377-1213

Work Fax: 803-581-5802

Work Email:



Custom® INGREDIENTS is a leading producer of innovative and quality specialty chemical products. We strive to provide attentive service and quick deliveries to our customers as well as a safe and enjoyable work environment for our employees. We strive to introduce creative, useful specialty chemicals products that fulfill special consumer needs.

Our Phytol™ brands are our quality seed, nut, and vegetable oils. By importing directly from our worldwide sources to you, we can offer competitive pricing and consistent quality. Our oils are from renewable resources mindful of the environment. We sell exclusively to the cosmetic and personal care industry so we know the quality you demand. Our oils offer the best in clarity, color, and low odor and are certified to American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) standards to provide you with a reliable and consistent source. CustoPoly® polymers are proven exceptional thickeners, emulsifiers, suspending agents and stabilizers, utilized in a wide variety of products. Most CustoPoly® polymers are used at concentrations between 0.5% and 5.0%. They offer the flexibility to develop products with a wide range of flow, emulsifying and rheological properties. CustoPoly® polymers are supplied in easy to use, liquid and powder forms.

CustoNaturals™ are ingredient additives found in Nature. Being derived from fish, meat, fruits, plants or vegetables, these powerful active ingredients were selected for their very active original composition. Prepared using specialized technologies for heightened performance. CustoNaturals™ help the formulator enhance their formulations’ activity.

CustoBlend® specialty blends are custom manufactured blends that allow formulators to incorporate more active ingredients, without the complexity of manufacturing and stocking multiple smaller use items. Most CustoBlend® specialty blends allow the formulator to cold blend ingredients, thus speeding up manufacturing times and lowering costs to market of final production.

CustoCide™ is a complete line of preservatives and biocides, including natural preservatives. These products provide action against microorganisms and to inhibit growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold. Antioxidants are also available to prevent spoilage in consumer products like detergents, cleaners, pet care, food and cosmetics. We also offer several preservative blends that provide broad-spectrum protection with added convenience.

It is our desire that our customers continue associating the Custom® INGREDIENTS with quality innovation and value.

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ContactCathy Clark
Address Line 1P.O. Box 772
Address Line 3Chester SC 29706
Work Phone803-377-1213
Work Fax803-581-5802
State/ProvinceSouth Carolina