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Bria Salon & Performance Testing Center

Contact: Arun Nandagiri

Work Address: 

1920 Industrial Drive

Libertyville IL 60048

Work Phone: 847-918-1774

Work Fax: 847-816-1830

Work Email:



Bria Performance Testing Center provides a variety of services to bring you and your products closer to your consumers and in understanding their needs.

Claims Substantiation: In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand, and it is equally important to have them differentiated from other similar products. Supporting product claims that can withstand scrutiny is a challenging activity that needs to be done before the product is introduced. We can help in developing a robust claims package that includes a variety of instrumental tests which can be coupled with salon and home use test data.

Instrumental Testing: Our instrumental testing methodologies are widely accepted by the industry and have been used to guide product development efforts, product evaluations, claim support, patents, litigation etc. Quick turnaround time and our costs are very competitive. Call us to learn more about our protocols which have been used to get approvals from HSN, QVC and other net works

Salon Testing: We have a fully staffed four-station hair salon where we can evaluate your product’s performance, substantiate product claims or perform any other studies on consumers. It encompasses all hair product categories including chemical treatments such as hair colors, relaxers, perms and straighteners. We provide all of the required clients, testing protocols, experienced stylists and clear, concise reports.

Focus Groups: At our state-of-the-art focus group room, we can conduct group sessions to explore new ideas and concepts or conduct one on one interviews to probe products performance post use. Our one way mirrors allow you to watch the products in use with minimum intrusion. We can provide experienced moderators, panelists, and our reports can include audio and video tapes of your sessions.

Home Use Tests: We can help gather opinions on your products’ performance in home use tests using a variety of methodologies such as Monadic, Sequential Monadic, or Paired Comparisons. Panels which are typically 100 per cell are custom recruited to meet your specific target users. Results are statistically analyzed and reported within a week after tests are completed. For our hair care product development services, please visit our website.

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ContactArun Nandagiri
Address Line 11920 Industrial Drive
Address Line 3Libertyville IL 60048
Work Phone847-918-1774
Work Fax847-816-1830