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Genemarkers LLC

Sam Neely 0 677

Contact: Alisha Morrison

Work Address: 

126 E. South Street

Kalamazoo MI 49007

Work Phone: 269-337-4145

Work Fax: 844-272-9914

Work Email:

Georgalas Endeavors, LLC

Sam Neely 0 734

Contact: Arthur Georgalas

Work Address: 

19 Jones Road

Warwick NY 10990

Work Phone: 845-987-9353

Work Email:

Gillons Inc.

Sam Neely 0 522

Contact: Khizran Naveed

Work Address: 

17341 Palmer Boulevard

Hollywood IL 60430

Work Phone: 708-425-1830

Work Email:


Sam Neely 0 513

Contact: Christophe Toumit


Work Address: 

560 Sylvan Avenue

Suite 3265

Englewood Cliffs NJ 7632

Work Phone: 207-653-3289

Work Fax: 207-846-5576

Work Email:


Colleen Daddino 0 149

Contact: Nick Jermstad


Work Address: 

938 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton

Work Phone: 914-523-7700

Work Email:


Sam Neely 0 522

Contact: Dr. Karl Lintner

Work Address: 

36 rue des Plantes

Paris 75014 France

Work Phone: 33 608 776 866

Work Email:

Kamath Consulting, Inc.

Sam Neely 0 441

Contact: Yashavanth K. Kamath

Work Address: 

26 Kingston Terrace

Princeton NJ 8540

Work Phone: 609-240-3395

Work Fax: 609-921-2847

Work Email:

Lechler Labs, Inc.

Sam Neely 0 519

Contact: Jimmy Varghese

Work Address: 

100 Red Schoolhouse Road

Building C

Chestnut Ridge NJ 10977

Work Phone: 845-426-6800

Work Fax: 845-426-1515

Work Email: