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Midwest SCC February 2024 Monthly Meeting
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Midwest SCC February 2024 Monthly Meeting

Join us in Rosemont!!!


Speaker: Jacqueline Tarrant

Date: Tuesday, Feb 13


4:00 pm – Board Meeting (Board Members Only)
5:30 pm – Cocktails & Networking
6:30 pm – Speaker Presentation
7:30 pm – Dinner

Venue: Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse

Address: 5464 N River Rd, Rosemont, Illinois, 60018, United States

Venue Website:



Jacqueline Tarrant, a third-generation beauty professional, is a highly acclaimed beauty expert, consultant, columnist, author, and Certified Trichologist. With a family legacy in the beauty industry, Jacqueline’s passion for hair care, coupled with her extensive experience as an International Platform Artist and Educator, has positioned her as an industry leader. In 2007, Jacqueline founded the Hair Trauma Center in Chicago, pioneering a Trichology-based approach to hair care. The center, a sanctuary for women dealing with hair loss and damage, offers cutting-edge treatments, including FDA-approved cool light laser therapy. Before her role as a Trichologist, Jacqueline spent eight years at L’Oréal USA as Director of Education and Product Development Specialist, providing invaluable insights into hair care and product usage. Her expertise has made her a sought-after consultant for various brands. Jacqueline’s influence extends beyond her professional roles. Monthly columns in publications such as Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Essence, and the Wall Street Journal showcase her expertise in the chemical and mechanical aspects of hair. She is a go-to expert for hair advice, reaching a global audience through contributions to Hair Magazines. Jacqueline has also made notable appearances on major platforms like Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, and Fox Network, highlighting her expertise in style and beauty. With an unwavering belief in the limitless possibilities of the beauty industry, Jacqueline Tarrant continues to push boundaries and looks forward to future advancements and opportunities in the dynamic world of beauty.


The Hair Loss Industry is rapidly expanding, with a remarkable 6.72% annual growth rate over the last five years, reaching a projected revenue of $31.5 billion by 2028 (Grand View Research). This presentation explores advanced solutions for the prevalent concern of hair loss, affecting 40% of women by age 40 and 50% of men by age 50. The discussion delves into the complexities of hair loss causes, including genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, and environmental influences. Recognizing the emotional impact on self-esteem, the focus is on delivering scientifically backed remedies to showcase tangible results. Highlighting cutting-edge advancements, the presentation covers innovative formulations with natural ingredients like botanical extracts and essential oils known for their regenerative properties. It also explores the integration of technologies such as nanotechnology and targeted delivery systems to enhance product efficacy. Looking ahead, the presentation offers insights into the future of hair loss products, including personalized formulations based on genetic profiles and advancements in scalp health care. Attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape, presenting. opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Cosmetic chemists play a crucial role in addressing consumer challenges and advancing. transformative hair loss solutions. By staying informed about cutting-edge technologies, they contribute to the development of effective remedies that not only address physical aspects but also boost the overall well-being and confidence of individuals.

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