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Midwest SCC November 2023 Monthly Meeting
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Midwest SCC November 2023 Monthly Meeting

Join us in Oak Brook!!!


Speaker: Leor Fay Tal

Date: Tuesday, Nov 14


4:00 pm – Board Meeting (Board Members Only)
5:30 pm – Cocktails & Networking
6:30 pm – Speaker Presentation
7:30 pm – Dinner

Venue: Magliano's Little Italy

Address: 240 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523

Venue Website:



Leor Fay Tal, the forward-thinking Marketing Manager at Gattefossé’s Personal Care division, is a dynamic leader dedicated to shaping impactful marketing strategies and enhancing brand recognition. With expertise in trend analysis and consumer insights, Leor empowers Gattefossé to provide valuable content and support to a diverse customer base, driving engagement and fostering collaborative partnerships. Leading a team that offers technical marketing support across North America, Canada, and Mexico, Leor ensures seamless product knowledge dissemination to meet customer needs effectively. Her background as an R&D Powder Laboratory Technician, Raw Material Regulatory Affairs Specialist at MANA Products, coupled with her tenure as Secretary of the NYSCC Executive Board, exemplify her understanding of product development and regulatory compliance, while highlighting her leadership skills and ability to foster industry collaboration. With a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Rutgers University, Leor Fay Tal embodies the perfect blend of scientific acumen and marketing prowess, propelling Gattefossé’s Personal Care division to new heights.


According to Mintel, 45% of US skincare users expect to protect their skin from the environment through their facial skincare routines, and the same will hold true of the scalp, as we’ve seen through the trending “skinification of hair.” Consumers are understanding that the scalp holds the root of their hair follicle, and ultimately, the foundation of their overall hair health. By providing the scalp with hydrating, nourishing, and protective treatments, it will ultimately promote the growth of healthy hair. And with health at top of mind, “skintellectual” consumers will pay very close attention to the ingredients that can provide such preventative or protective benefits, aside from more superficial ones. Discover the chemistry and clinical testing behind 3 ingredients: a naturally derived O/W emulsifier, a biomimetic hair texturizing agent, and an upcycled antioxidant, and how they can deliver an ideal environment for the scalp, skin, and hair.

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