2023 Sunscreen SymposiumTM FAQ's


  • Booth space is 10' x 10' and comes with one 6' draped table, two chairs, one wastebasket and an identification sign; the back of the booth is an 8' drape and in between booths the drape is 3' in height.
  •  All sponsors and exhibitors who secured an exhibitor booth before the close of early registration (July 16, 2023) have either selected (Crown, Diamond, Sapphire sponsors) or have been assigned their exhibitor booth space and that information has been emailed to the primary email associated with the registration. Sponsors or exhibitors securing booth space after the close of early registration will receive an email communicating their exhibitor booth number within one week of registering.
  • Exhibitors may display quickscreens / pull-ups inside the designated booth space. We ask that these items be confined to inside your booth space and not block the aisle space or the view to another exhibitor's booth space.
  • Additional information regarding other booth customization options and shipping information will be provided by the exhibitor services company (Freeman) once the floorplan is completed.
  • Exhibitor tabletops should be set up during Wednesday afternoon in advance of the welcome cocktail reception, when exhibitor booths will be open.

Poster Presenters:

  • Abstracts for all poster presentations have already been approved by FLSCC board
  • All poster presenters must be registered attendees of the Sunscreen SymposiumTM
  • Poster boards are 8' in length and 4' in height; the usable pinning size is 94" x 46.6"
  • Poster presenters are responsible for printing and bringing posters; push pins will be provided
  • Posters should be set up during Wednesday afternoon in advance of the welcome cocktail reception, when the poster session will be open


2023 Sunscreen SymposiumTM Code of Conduct


  • Only registered attendees of the Sunscreen SymposiumTM will be able to attend the associated events* and book rooms in the Sunscreen Symposium room block
    • *Associated events include poster, exhibitor presentations, cocktail reception, breakfast and lunch in the Grand Ballroom, CEP course and podium presentations in Asbury Hall and golf.
    • *The Gala event is open to non-Symposium attendees, who must pre-register by purchasing a ticket.
  • On-site registration for the Sunscreen SymposiumTM is available, but the room block will close one month before the event (or if it sells out, whichever comes first).
  • Registered attendees will receive a badge and lanyard at check-in which should be worn to all Sunscreen SymposiumTM events.
  • Registration is non-refundable and cannot be applied as a credit to a future Symposium, however, registration transfer is allowed up to one week in advance of the Sunscreen SymposiumTM. To take advantage of registration transfer, email event organizers (FLSCC board) to learn about the process.
  • After September 4th, 2023, registration is non-transferable. Any non-registered attendee wearing another person’s badge to access Sunscreen SymposiumTM events will be asked to leave.
  • Non-registered attendees are not permitted to loiter in areas used for Sunscreen SymposiumTM activities during Symposium events and will be asked to leave.  


  • Admission is open to all who are involved, interested, or have a direct connection to the Sunscreen Industry. Business casual attire is suggested.
  • Attendees should conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a professional environment. Anyone displaying objectionable behavior or wearing offensive apparel may be asked to leave by Disney security.
  • This event is organized by volunteers. The safety and security of all of our attendees is our priority. No verbal abuse, physical threats or otherwise menacing behavior directed toward any volunteer, attendee, speaker, moderator, or Disney employee will be tolerated.
  • The event organizers (FLSCC Board) reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from the Sunscreen Symposium and /or to ask Disney security to remove anyone from the event who does not comply with this code of conduct.

Question & Answer Sessions:

  • At certain points in the program, there will be open Q&A sessions in which attendees can direct questions to the speakers from the preceding session(s).
  • Any attendee who wishes to ask a question should adhere to the following guidance:
    • Step to the microphone provided and ask a question in turn
    • Be professional and respectful in phrasing of the question
    • Questions should be direct and concise, and not exceed one minute; exposition under the guise of asking a question is not permitted
    • Thought-provoking and challenging questions are permitted, however, arguing with podium presenters is not
  • Follow-up questions may or may not be permitted and the decision will be completely at the discretion of the moderator.


Booking Discounted Disney Park Tickets

  • We are pleased to partner with Walt Disney World to offer attendees of the 2023 Sunscreen SymposiumTM a variety of theme park tickets which can be used up to seven days before and up to seven days after the Sunscreen Symposium's official dates. 
  • Tickets may be ordered at the following link: https://www.mydisneygroup.com/sunscreensymposium23 or by telephone +1 407-566-5600
  • In addition to a valid park ticket, a park reservation is required to enter. Learn more about how to make a theme park reservation at the following link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/experience-updates/park-reservations/

Thank you for your support of the 2023 Sunscreen SymposiumTM!