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The Florida chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists is excited to announce the dates and venue for our 2023 Sunscreen SymposiumTM.  Historically, this event draws hundreds of the cosmetic industry professionals from around the world, highlights the latest scientific developments in the industry, provides a forum to discuss updates in global regulations, and offers industry professionals an opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in sun care through technical presentations, exhibits, posters, and more! 

Coming Soon: 

2025 Sunscreen SymposiumTM

dates to be announced! 


Sunscreen SymposiumTM: 2023 Podium and Poster Presentations: reference submission timeline 


DECEMBER 2022: Call for all Paper Abstracts & Poster Submissions

MARCH 2023: Abstract Window Extended

APRIL 8, 2023: Abstract Window Closed

MAY 2023: Speaker and Poster Presenters confirmed

JUNE 5, 2023: Sunscreen Symposium Program posted! 


As of Friday, April 7, 2023, the extended period for abstract submissions is closed. We thank all submitters for the excellent abstracts put forth and ask for your patience as the FLSCC board narrows to our final selections.

Please note that FLSCCAbstracts@gmail.com is only used as a dropbox and is not monitored for questions / correspondence.



1. EfficacySPF/UVA test methods; available filters by region; materials or processes that improve efficacy; instrumentation or software that aids in predictability; misinformation surrounding sunscreen efficacy

2. Safety - to people and the environment; addressing misinformation around sunscreen product safety and consumer trust; retailer "no" lists

3. Formulating cosmetically acceptable / inclusive sunscreen products

4. Registration / Regulatory requirements for marketing sunscreen products globally

5. Sustainability efforts and advances

6. Freedom to Operate / Patent Protection 

*However, FLSCC Board will review all abstracts of relevance to the sunscreen industry.   Thank you for your interest.



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