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March 21, 2024 FLSCC Meeting, Tampa Florida
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March 21, 2024 FLSCC Meeting, Tampa Florida

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Sustainable Solutions: Advancements in Synthetic Biology and its Applications in Personal Care
Synthetic biology, a multidisciplinary field combining biology and engineering principles, has evolved rapidly,
offering innovative solutions to address environmental challenges. This paper examines the strides made in
synthetic biology, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize sustainable practices.

The progress in synthetic biology has paved the way for the development of bioengineered solutions that align
with the principles of environmental conservation and resource efficiency. Researchers and industries are
increasingly leveraging synthetic biology techniques to design novel biological systems that not only enhance
product performance but also contribute to eco-friendly practices.

In the personal care industry, synthetic biology has found notable applications, disrupting traditional formulations
and manufacturing processes. Engineered microorganisms and biosynthetic pathways enable the production of
sustainable ingredients, reducing the reliance on traditional resources while maintaining product efficacy. This
paper explores specific instances of synthetic biology applications in personal care, highlighting the potential for
bioengineered ingredients to replace conventional counterparts.

Expectations surrounding the continued integration of synthetic biology in the personal care sector are discussed,
emphasizing the industry's shift towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. As consumer
demand for eco-friendly products rises, the adoption of synthetic biology offers a promising avenue for personal
care companies to meet these expectations while maintaining product quality and performance.


This comprehensive overview of advancements in synthetic biology and its sustainable applications in the personal care industry will peer into strategies behind the United Nations’ SDG goals passed in 2015. As the field continues to evolve, the potential for synthetic biology to drive positive environmental impact and shape the green initiative future of personal care is both exciting and promising. Decision-makers have a deeper pool of clean ingredients to choose from by understanding synthetic biology and its meaningful impact.


Our speaker: 

Lois Lu is the General Manager at Bloomage Biotechnology USA Inc., a certified woman-owned business, located in Fairfield, NJ. She is a member of the NYSCC since 2014 and brings 15+ years of global leadership experience in the Cosmetic and Personal Care industry combined with her pharmaceutical and chemical engineering background. She has pioneered strategic initiatives for product development and sales teams in the U.S. and China, contributing to Bloomage's growth in the biotechnology sector with a focus on driving sustainable solutions in the beauty industry.


In Dec 2023, Lois and Ms. Zhao Yan, Bloomage Biotech’s Chairmen and CEO, participated in a global summit in New York City in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) sustainability objectives. In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly passed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), outlining 17 goals with 169 specific targets to achieve meaningful sustainability objectives. This initiative has led to significant progress in poverty eradication, food security, renewable energy, education, healthcare, and marine life protection in the past seven years. However, with rapid climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution occurring worldwide, the call to refocus sustainability targets has never been clearer and more urgent.

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