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April 27, 2023: Register to reserve your spot today!

S. Florida Area FLSCC Meeting

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (commonly known by its acronym “MoCRA”) was signed into law on December 23, 2022.  Its intent is to modernize federal regulatory oversight of cosmetic and personal care products and create a comprehensive and uniform national framework for their regulation.

Contained within MoCRA are two elements, each of which will be discussed within this presentation.  The first element consists of a number of basic requirements that will be implemented for the Cosmetics industry over the coming year.  The second and more far-reaching element is the granting of authority and responsibility to US FDA for establishing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the Cosmetics industry.  Before either of these elements can be discussed, critical terms found within MoCRA must first be defined and understood.

The presentation will explain and define the terminology used, review the basic requirements under MoCRA and discuss the new authority and responsibility that has been granted to US FDA for establishing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the Cosmetics Industry. Finally, the timing and effective dates for publication of the required Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Final Rule will be covered.


About our Presenter:

Craig Weiss received a B.S. in biology for Monmouth College, prior to arriving at Consumer Product Testing Co. Craig held technical positions at Del Laboratories, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals (Proctor and Gamble) and Roxane Laboratories.

Craig began his career with Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. as the Vice President of the Analytical Service Division, which was comprised of the Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry departments.   The Analytical Service Division, offers such varied services as water system validations, cleaning validation, production environmental monitoring and routines analysis.    

In 1993 Craig became a corporate Vice President and in 1999 he became the President of Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. 

Craig is active in many trade organizations and is a member of IBA’s (formerly ICMAD) board of directors, served as treasurer and is the chairman of its technical, regulatory committee. Craig is also a member of the SCC and PCPC serving on its Scientific Advisory Committee.  Additionally, Craig sits on numerous international expert panels, ICCR and JCCT for examples.