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October 20, 2022 FLSCC Meeting
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October 20, 2022 FLSCC Meeting


Abstract:  Fatty acid esters of polyglycerides (PEFA) are a proven green offset to nonionic surfactants based on ethylene oxide adducts (PEG).  Given the disapproval, regulatory scrutiny, and non-renewable status of PEG surfactants, the PEFA chemistry provides us with useful formulator tools meeting green demand.  Very little has been published about these versatile materials in personal care application even though food technologists began using them in the 1960’s. We examine the chemistry, history, application and utility of the PEFA in personal care formulation citing examples. We also examine their strengths and weaknesses while providing physical chemistry insight into both, granting the green formulator a better understanding and appreciation of the utility of these renewable, sustainable materials.

Bio: Matt Zoeller is currently the Applications Manager for the Specialty Division of 3V Sigma USA based in Georgetown, South Carolina, part of 3V Group based in Bergamo, Italy. Before this venture Matt spent over 35 years in technical management positions in several contract manufacturing businesses in the Chicagoland area. During that time, he was integral to the development and technology transfer of thousands of personal care products for hundreds of beauty brands. For several years he’s contributed knowledge to formulators around the world via Perry Romanowski’s Chemist Corner blogspot under the guise “chemicalmatt” and plans to keep mentoring younger scientists for as long as he can. He holds a B.S. Chemistry from Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he spent most of his life; and contributed to the Midwest Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists for many years, most notably as editor/publisher of the SCCoop for 40 issues over five years. Matt holds two patents, one for nanoemulsion drug delivery, another for novel topical delivery of Epsom salt. He is now the host and science writer for the popular YouTube channel 3V Sigma USA “Makin’ it with Matt.”

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