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The Society's Annual Meeting is the premier conference for cosmetic science education. Attendees will hear from 40+ experts on ways to better their formulation, sustainability, regulation and claims efforts in the following sessions:

The Future of Beauty | Diversity in Beauty | Make Up, Fragrance, and Sensory | Innovations in Skin Care| Hair Care Innovations| Future of Skin Care | Sustainability | Modern Formulation and Sunscreen Design| Claims & Regulatory

The Future of Beauty Keynote Lecture

  Robb Akridge, PhD

    Company: Opulus Beauty Labs

Frontiers of Science Keynote Lecture

  Paul Cox, PhD

    Company: Brain Chemistry Labs

Henry Maso Keynote Award Lecture

    Sponsored by Siltech & The Maso Family

   Katherine Oglesby

    Company: Nuritas


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Monday, December 12, 2022

The Future of Beauty Panel

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Diversity in Beauty

0 272

Kathy Cruz

Kobo Products

Creating a Streamlined and Inclusive Shade Palette for the USA & UK and Latin America

Make Up, Fragrance, and Sensory

0 297

Anne Yun Mu

Evonik Corp.

Cosmetic Potential of a Human Recombinant Collagen

0 291

Dr. Silvia Pastor


Human Timp2 Produced by Plants: An Integrative Molecule to Delay Dermochronology Caused by Photoaging

0 231

Dr. Alba Cico

Sederma, Inc.

Improving Face Skin Surface Damage Induced by Cutibacterium Acnes Activity






0 0

Mathilde Frechet, PhD

Clariant NI

An Innovative Light-biomimetic Solution Stimulating Feel-good Hormones and Cognitive Relaxation to Tackle Lack of Sunlight Exposure and Dull Skin




0 0

Christophe Toumit


Metaproteomic Analysis: Gentiana Lutea Fermented Extract (GfE) is a Natural Solution to Reverse the Slow-down of Skin Holobiont Functions Occurring in Skin Dehydration


Innovations in Skin Care Panel

0 0

Andi Govindia


How Important is Ingredient Buzz? A Visual and Social Analytics Journey

0 229

Angus Robertson

Oat Cosmetics

Investigation into the delivery and efficacy of a unique Avena Sativa (Oat) Lipid Complex using Raman spectroscopic, immuo-diagnostic led analysis and skin evaluation


0 0

Alexander Detre


Leveraging Technology to Oversee Regulatory Challenges - What Lies at the Heart of Digital Cosmetic Development

0 215

Krys Bojanowski

Sunny Biodiscovery

Improvement of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction and skin appearance by a plant-derived PPAR-α agonist complex


0 229

Ratan Chaudhuri, PhD


Bakuchiol and Ethyl (Linoleate/Oleate) Synergistically Modulate Endocannabinoid Tone in Keratinocytes and Repress Type I Interferon, TNF and COX-2 Pathways 


0 220

Sofia Iglesia


A Multi-Functional Anti-Aging Moisturizer Positively Influences the Facial Skin Microbial Diversity on Female Subjects 


Hair Care Innovations

0 226

To Hong Chan

Gravel AI

Application of AI and LLMs in Uncovering Emerging Chemical Growth Areas for Personal Care Ingredients Industry

0 236

Dr. Hang Ma

University of Rhode Island

Ferroptosis- A New Perspective for Physiologically Relevant Antioxidant Activity of Natrual Products in Skin Protection: A Case Study of Cannabinoids


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Future of Skin Care

0 218

Manon Gault, PhD

BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS

Combination of Methods Including Metagenomic and Droplet-based Microfluidic Technology to Study Sensitive Skin Microbiota

0 234

Lilian Mussi

Chemyunion, Inc.

Tripeptide-85: A New Peptide Acting by hte Unusual MC5R Mechanism for the Control of Sebum at Any Stage of Life



0 219

Alicia Roso


Dynamics of a Skin Care Emulsion with Massage





0 240

Sarah Yuro


Color Cosmetics with SPF and FDA/EU Regulations - Overcoming Challenges in Developing Ranges with a Globally Compliant Formula

0 211

Abhijit Bidaye


Use of Cryo-SEM and EDS for Sunscreen Characterization: Observation of the Mineral UV Filters in W/O and O/W Emulsion Systems



0 210

Rupa Darji, PhD

BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS

Bio-inspired Photonic Material that Creates Soft-focus Optical Effects for Cosmetics



0 240

Xuzi Kang, PhD

TRI Princeton

From Lips to Lab: Exploring Lipstick Performance for True-to-Life Characteristic Testing



Modern Formulation and Sunscreen Design

0 297

Cara Eaton


Carbon in the Supply Chain: A Case Study on Methodology Development for Measurement of Impact

0 208

Dr. Gabriella Baki

University of Toledo

Optimizing the Skin Penetration of Caffeine from Eye Creams using Hansen Solubility Parameters

0 0

Roanne Bogrow


Optimizing the Skin Penetration of Caffeine from Eye Creams using Hansen Solubility Parameters


Claims & Regulatory

Co-Sponsored by the Independent Beauty Association

0 237

Carl D'Ruiz


The 17-Year Cicadas Cycle and the Emergence of New US UV Filters on the OTC Sunscreen Monograph



0 0

Shannon Hess

Burt's Bees

ISO 16128: Global Harmonization for Natural & Organic Cosmetic Products





0 214

Zhi Li, PhD

Chinese American Cosmetic Professionals Association

The Convergence & Divergence Between MoCRA and CSAR



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