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Featured CEP Course

Scale Up and Processing Cosmetic Formulations 

Course Instructor: David Yacko 

October 5, 2022

(9:00am-4:00pm EDT)

In the cosmetic industry it is imperative that new products get from the bench to manufacturing as quickly as possible. this is the job of the process development engineer and the process is called scale up. The talk will discuss the different aspects of scale up: heat transfer, addition rates and energy input as it pertains to batch size and different equipment.

This course is for anyone involved in:

  • Developing products on the bench
  • Scaling up cosmetic products
  • First production batches
  • Regular production of batches
  • Suppliers of raw materials to the cosmetic industry


Course Outline

  • Scale Up Introduction
  • Cosmetic Processing Equipment
    • Vessels
    • Mixers
    • High Shear Mixers
      • Batch
      • Inline
    • Pumps
  • Scale Up Parameters and Variables
    • Liquids-Emulsions-Emulsions/Solids
      • Batch
      • Heating/Cooling
      • Mass Transfer
      • Controlling Shear
    • Continuous
      • Heating/Cooling
      • Mass Transfer
      • Controlling Shear
    • Emulsions/Solids
      • Shade Matching
  • Procedure Requirements
    • Terms
    • Equipment Lists/Details/Controls
    • Filling Concerns/Requirement

About The Instructor

David Yacko

David Yacko was Vice President Research and Development at Estée Lauder Companies, Inc., one of the world’s leading cosmetic developers and manufacturers, for 15 years. He had been with Estée Lauder over 25 years before retiring in 2016. His department was responsible for worldwide scale-up for Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. He earned his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Tri State University in Angola, Indiana. David has worked in the cosmetic industry for 40 years. He spent 17 years with Chesebrough-Ponds in both Research and Development (13 years) and Manufacturing (4 years).

David currently lives in Walterboro, SC.