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Midwest SCC September 2023 Monthly Meeting

Join us in La Grange!!!


Speaker: Erica Rattigan Tyree

Date: Tuesday, Sep 12


4:00 pm – Board Meeting (Board Members Only)
5:30 pm – Cocktails & Networking
6:30 pm – Speaker Presentation
7:30 pm – Dinner

Venue: The Elm

Address: 23 W Harris Ave, La Grange, Illinois, 60525

Venue Website:



Erica Rattigan Tyree joined SCT as an Account Manager, though her role extends into technical research innovation and marketing. After earning a BS in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh, Erica joined the chemical industry in 2010 at OEM industrial paint manufacturer, Davis-Frost, Inc. performing specialty coatings formulations development, quality control, and technical service. She moved into the personal care industry in 2016 where she led innovation development at Prestige Brands, Inc. and successfully launched over 30 marketed products spanning feminine care, OTC gastro applications, lice treatment medical devices, and patent formulation work on minimum risk pesticides. Erica brings her consumer-forward mindset upstream to the surfactant industry and has earned a MS in Cosmetic Science from University of Cincinnati, December 2022.


“Much like a work of art, formulations are structures built from inspiration. As an artist the formulator’s role is to transform an idea from concept to creation; each project requires a different building approach. Identifying the type of project is key to formulation success.

Product replication, processing refinement, and cost savings start with an existing product and reverse-engineer a system based on performance properties. The formulator identifies key ingredient drivers and chisels away variables, like a sculptor would chip away rock to reveal a statue.

If product innovation is in your pipeline, ideation initiates from the ground-up starting with active ingredient chemistry. The formulation is built around performance function, like an architect would draw around a central idea of construction.

Attending this talk will reset formula execution fundamentals. Together we’ll travel exploratory pathways using real formulation examples and interact along the way. Objective is to walk away with reflection on your style of preference that could suggest formulation career choices. Are you more of a sculptor, or an architect?”

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