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August 24, 2022 - Intermountain West SCC Event

Join us for a meeting with two speakers at Harvest Resturant - Rose Room

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Rose Garden Thanksgiving Point
3900 Garden Dr
Lehi, UT 84043

Nathan Reighard
Intermountain West SCC


Nisma Mujahid - Updates in Practices and Novel Therapeutics in Ultraviolet Protectio

Since ancient times, sun protection practices have been a critical part of many cultures. A paradigm shift occurred in Western Societies during the Industrial Revolution, when lack of sun exposure was linked to the development of Rickets. Later, the relationship between sun exposure and the most common forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma, was confirmed and importance for sun protection reestablished. Here we will review up-to-date epidemiology of sun protective practices in the United States and will discuss established and novel therapeutics for UV protection. Objectives: 1. Review up-to-date epidemiology on sun protection practices 2. Discuss established and novel therapeutics for UV protection

Nisma Mujahid, MD, PhD is currently a senior Dermatology Resident at University of Utah, Department of Dermatology. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Mississippi State University, and completed her combined M.D., Ph.D. Degree at Boston University School of Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) under Dr. David Fisher, Chief of Dermatology and Director of the MGH Cutaneous Biology Research Center and Director of the Melanoma Center at MGH. Her thesis focused on elucidating the role of dysregulation of the LKB1-SIK pathway in melanomagenesis and regulated use in skin cancer prevention. She currently is an inventor on patents for a small molecule technology allowing for activation of the tanning pathway without ultraviolet exposure and has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles, oral and poster presentations, and a book chapter.


Valerie George - 360° Approach to Touchable Hair

The hair care market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with post-damage hair treatments leading the way. Understanding what types of damage occurs in hair and how to develop effective conditioning strategies is a must for every formulator. Set the cetrimonium chloride aside and expand your toolbox of ingredients that Valerie loves (or develop a newfound appreciation for the ones you already use). We’ll talk about the perception of hair health like you’ve never heard it before, leaving you feeling confident to formulate products that even a salon professional would of. Get ready for a 360° approach to hair conditioning!

Valerie George is a cosmetic chemist, science communicator, educator, leader and avid proponent of transparency in the beaut