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Virtual Skincare Webinar

Virtual Skincare Webinar

The Science and Technology of Mild Cleansing

Join us for an exciting webinar with Professor Ananth from the Unviersity of Cincinnati on the science and technology of mild cleansing. 

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Event Date: 5/16/2024

Event Time: 11:30-1:00PM MDT


Webinar Summary

Personal cleansing is a process that most people pay less attention to unless the product is irritating or the subjects have dry skin, sensitive skin, or other issues such as Eczema or Psoriasis. The skin mildness of cleansers can vary markedly in the marketplace. These include common high pH soaps that can be harsh to ultra mild baby cleansing products. Among cleansing bars, the mildness of synthetic detergent bars over high pH common soap bars is well recognized in the industry. The effect of harsh cleansers on skin can be further exacerbated by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Liquid cleansing systems offer more flexibility in the choice of surfactants and allow the creation of milder products. Cleanser technologies have advanced significantly over the years from being mild to providing positive skin benefits during the cleansing process.

In this presentation, the science and technology of mild cleansing and ways to provide positive skin benefits while cleansing will be reviewed. Surfactant structure-function relationships and physicochemical factors that govern the mildness of a product will be discussed and approaches to making them milder will be presented. The role of pH in cleansing and advances in moisturizing cleanser technologies will also be briefly examined.


Meet the Speaker

Dr. K.P. Ananth (Ananthapadmanabhan) is a professor and the director of the Cosmetic Science Programs at the College of Pharmacy at University of Cincinnati. Ananth obtained his B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai in 1974. He obtained his MS and D. Eng. Sci. degrees in 1976 and 1980 respectively from Columbia University in New York, specializing in surfactants and colloids. Ananth spent 3 years as a post-doctoral fellow and adjunct faculty at Columbia University and then joined Union Carbide Corporation, at their Surface Chemistry Skill Center in Tarrytown, New York. In 1990, Ananth moved to Unilever R & D, initially in Edgewater, NJ and then in Trumbull CT and spent the next 26+ years in various capacities in the personal care area including leading their longer-term skin cleansing research. Ananth joined University as a full time Professor in 2016. Ananth’s research interests include interactions of surfactants with polymers and proteins, skin mildness and moisturization, formulation science and dermal deposition and delivery. He is an author/co-author in 140+ publications and 35+ patents. He also co-edited a book titled, “Interactions of surfactants with polymers and proteins. Contact info:

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