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Q1 Meeting

Q1 Meeting

The Skin Microbiome

Please join us on February 2nd for our meeting where we uncover the latest and greatest in skin microbiome science, data and trends. 

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State of the Art in Microbiota by Herve Offredo


Future Frontiers in Beauty: Integrating Microbiome Insights and AI in Cosmetic Science by Dr. Elsa Jungman 


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Skin Ecosystem: Unveiling the Future of Holistic Microbiome Trends By Stephanie Facuri


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In addition to our meeting we have two optional winter activities. 

Midway Ice Castles

2/1/2024, 6:30 PM

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Meeting Location

UVU Lehi Campus

2912 Executive Parkway Lehi, UT 84043


Meet the Speakers

State of the Art in Microbiota 

Exploring the world of microorganisms living on our skin, this presentation will uncover the complexity, the diversity and the function of our microbiota. From quorum sensing to anti-microbial defense mechanisms we will unlock the intricate role microorganisms play in our skin's health and overall function. Finally, we will delve into how the microbiome can integrate into skin applications by shedding light on a variety of case studies including sun exposure, acne, psoriasis and more. 

Presented by Herve Offredo

Herve Offredo was born and was raised in Bretagne, France, is married and proud father of 4 children . Herve holds a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology, an Engineering Degree in Applied Industrial Microbiology from the University of Marseilles, and an MBA in Human Resources and Finance from Nancy University.  He has done research papers on Hepatocyte culture and Bacillus thurigiensis culture and served as a trainee at Heineken in beer production process and also at Roquette in Lactic Acid optimization and fermentation processing. Herve then joined Abbott Diagnostics as Account Executive; moved on to Transia in food diagnostics, then became Director of Sales and Marketing at Solabia, a manufacturer of cosmetic active ingredients. Herve relocated to the United States in 1997 where he joined Barnet Products and became instrumental in its growth in various executive position in Sales and Marketing.  Currently he occupies the position of CSO and SVP for International expansion in sales .In addition, Herve is the official acting Ambassador for Economic Development for Bretagne in the US on behalf the Diaspora.


Future Frontiers in Beauty: Integrating Microbiome Insights and AI in Cosmetic Science 

A major obstacle in cosmetics is the precise identification of individual skin types and conditions. More than half of consumers incorrectly assess their skin needs, and traditional methods like self-reported quizzes often lead to misdiagnosis and skin sensitivity. Moreover, the oversimplified classification of skin as oily, dry, or combination is inadequate in capturing the complexity of the human microbiome, our "second genome." In the dynamic field of skin health & cosmetic chemistry, the skin microbiome stands as a crucial area, ripe with potential for innovative product development. This ecosystem offers invaluable insights for comprehending the intricate biology of skin.

Our presentation will delve into strategies for formulating products tailored to the microbiome, methods for clinically gathering microbiome data for claims and innovation, and a case study from our research. We will showcase the development of an AI model designed to cluster microbiome profiles, enhancing skin diagnosis and personalization.

Presented by Dr. Elsa Jungman

Dr. Elsa Jungman is a leading figure in skin health and microbiome innovation, known for her contributions to the industry. She has a Ph.D. in skin barrier function and R&D experience at major companies like L'Oreal, AOBiome, and K18, Dr. Jungman's turning point came when she discovered that 70% of women have sensitive skin. This motivated her to create skincare solutions tailored to this need, focusing on the microbiome.

After launching the first microbiome-friendly line Dr Elsa Jungman late 2020, she introduced the first microbiome test kit in d2c and retail. 

In 2022, she launched HelloBiome, an AI-powered platform using microbiome data for personal care innovation & personalization.

Dr. Elsa Jungman has received recognition through the French American Entrepreneurship Award, Best Product Innovation Award from Beauty Independent and as the editor of the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology.


Skin Ecosystem: Unveiling the Future of Holistic Microbiome Trends 

Journey into the dynamic world of skincare as we delve into fermentation techniques, bioselectivity, claim substantiation and holistic approaches. This presentation will explore the evolution of beauty, tracing the path from advanced fermentation to achieve a balanced microbiome. Uncover the intricacies of the skin's ecosystem through bioselectivity measures, ensuring a holistic approach to skincare that goes beyond conventional beauty norms. The session will conclude with a forward-looking exploration of the future of holistic microbiome trends, questioning their enduring impact on the beauty and wellness industry.

Presented by Stephanie Facuri

Stephanie Facuri is a Pharmacist with over 15 years of experience in the Personal Care industry, dedicating a decade to cosmetic formulation and raw materials. Starting in Brazil, she led formulation departments at ingredient suppliers, supporting customers throughout Latin America. In 2018, she relocated to California, where she excelled as an Account Manager and Business Development Manager. In 2023, Stephanie joined Solabia USA as Sales Manager for the Western region, leveraging her extensive experience to assist cosmetic industries in achieving success in the dynamic cosmetic market.

Thank you Meeting Sponsors

We would like to thank our following sponsors for helping to support this educational event. We couldn't do it without them. 

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