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Patricia Aikens had a Ph.D. in organic / bio-physical chemistry from Emory University, Atlanta, GA and a B.S. Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. She has worked in the personal-care and cosmetic industry for over 20 years including BASF, Dragoco (currently Symrise) and Uniqema (currently Croda) in the areas of skin-care, sunscreens, and surfactants and is an adjunct professor in the MS cosmetic science program at Fairleigh Dickenson University. She is an active member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and has several scientific publications in the area of surface and colloid science.

This course will cover the fundamentals of surfactants used in the cosmetic industry including their chemistry, the physical basis of their mode-of-action, association Structures, and their function in all types of formulations. Product applications and interactions between surfactant systems and other materials will be reviewed as well as strategies for optimization of formulations.

Beginning and intermediate level chemists working in skin-care, hair-care, cleansing, personal-care and color cosmetic products. Anyone who needs a better understanding of the role surfactants play in formulations.

(Early Bird Fee)
SCC Member $360.00
SCC Student Member $210.00
Non-Member $490.00

Late Registration Fee (After 08/22/16)
SCC Member $410.00
SCC Student Member $235.00
Non-Member $540.00

When: Mon August 29 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: SCC National Office, New York, NY 10005

SCC National CEP Course: Cosmetic Raw Materials

Instructed by Mark Chandler

There is a dizzying array of raw materials from which the cosmetic formulator can choose to develop the next winning formulation. Knowledge concerning the chemistry and basic function of these ingredients can be extremely valuable in the formulation process, as is an understanding of the supplier base for each of the categories of ingredients. Basic formulation steps will also be explored, tying everything together.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course will be very useful to individuals new to the industry, whether they are involved in formulation, quality control, technical service, sales, or marketing. It will also provide a great review and update to those with some experience in the field, or who are looking to transition from one discipline to another.

(Early Bird Fee)
SCC Member $360.00
SCC Student Member $210.00
Non-Member $490.00

Late Registration Fee (After 09/07/16)
SCC Member $410.00
SCC Student Member $235.00
Non-Member $540.00

This course will include the following:
- Cosmetic raw material market
- Introduction to basic cosmetic chemistry
- Emollients
- Emulsifiers
- Thickener/stabilizers
- Humectants
- Pigments
- Cleansing Surfactants
- Thickeners
- Conditioning agents
- Styling polymers
- Active ingredients
- Preservatives

***This course promises to be highly interactive, informative, and engaging. It is an appropriate complement to the Cosmetic Formulation course, and can be taken either before or after.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Mark Chandler is the President of ACT Solutions Corp (Adaptive Cosmetic Technology Solutions), a formulation design consultancy focusing on Adaptive Aesthetic Design™, Advanced Emulsion Solutions™, and Formulating for Efficacy™, with laboratories in Delaware and Ohio. Mark has been in the industry for more than 30 years, most recently serving as Skin Care Applications Manager for Croda Inc. For 15 years Mark has taught the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) Cosmetic Formulation course, as well as instructing the Liquid Foundation Emulsions, Cosmetic Raw Materials, and Low Energy Emulsification courses for the SCC. He is a Research Instructor in the Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design program and serves on the board of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at the University of Toledo. Mark has done technical presentations throughout the US and in more than a dozen other countries located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and has written numerous technical articles, book chapters and patents.
When: Wed September 14 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: SCC National Office, New York, NY 10005

SCC National CEP Course: Color & Make-up

Instructed by Jane Hollenberg

This course will provide an overview of the ingredients and formulating principles used in the development of the various types of color cosmetics. It will also provide the basics of how to select color additives for use in decorative cosmetics from the perspectives of regulations, stability and color type pulse how to process color for optimum performance.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All those involved with the formulation, development, and manufacture of color cosmetics can benefit from the course, including formulation chemists, process development engineers, quality control personnel, and manufacturing operators.

(Early Bird Fee)
SCC Member $360.00
SCC Student Member $210.00
Non-Member $490.00

Late Registration Fee (After 09/12/16)
SCC Member $410.00
SCC Student Member $235.00
Non-Member $540.00

This course will cover the following:
A. Current U.S. Regulations
B. EU Cosmetic Color Regulations
C. Japan Color Additives Regulations
D. Cosmetic Colorants
i. Inorganic Colorants
ii. Organic Colorants
iii. Natural Colorants
E. Filler Pigments
F. Effect Pigments
G. Surface Treated Pigments and Fillers
H. Specialty Raw Materials
I. Dispersion

A. Introduction to Make-Up Technology
B. Practical Aspects and Review of Color Cosmetic Formulations: Typical ingredients, formulation types, formulation examples, manufacturing procedures, manufacturing equipment, QC, and performance evaluation
will be covered for the following:
i. Powder Cosmetics for face and eyes
ii. Emulsion Foundations
iii. Mascara
iv. Anhydrous products for face and eyes
v. Lipsticks
vi. Nail Enamels

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Jane Hollenberg has over forty years’ experience in the cosmetic industry, working with fillers, pigments, and pigmented products at Coty, Revlon, and Rona. Since 1996, she has operated JCH Consulting to provide services in the formulation, scale up, and troubleshooting of pigmented cosmetics. She has taught in the education programs of the SCC, FDU, and CFPA and serves as a member of the Personal Care Product Council's Color Additive Committee. Development of color cosmetic products based on silicone technology and research in surface treatments for fillers and pigments are areas of ongoing interest for Jane, resulting in a number of patents. She authored the recently published Color Cosmetics: A Practical Guide to Formulation (Allured 2016) and has written chapters in several textbooks for other authors.
When: Mon September 19 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Where: SCC National Office, New York, NY 10005

SPECIAL NOTE: The SCC can bring On-Site Training Courses directly to your entire development team at your location, offering convenience, team building with an in-depth focus of the course of your choice. The Society holds its Annual Scientific Meeting each December. The Annual Meeting provides a forum for the exchange of current findings and technology on topics of global interest in cosmetic science.