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SCC Webinars: Innovating with Minimally Disruptive Formulations (MDF)

NEW DATE: Wednesday, July 22th, 2020 (2:00pm-3:00pm ET)

This Webinar is presented by:

Part of the Area IV Chapters’ Summer TechTalk Series.

[Please Note: This webinar will be free for all SCC Members to attend. Members will receive an email with a direct link to the registration page for the webinar.]

Several key changes have occurred in the personal care industry over the last twenty years that require the formulator to expedite development to keep up with ever shrinking product development timelines. They include; (1) fewer chemists; (2) more regulations; (3) more patents; and (4) more testing. To name only a few.

Polymers that have two or more functional groups in them that are not soluble in each other in pure form can be combined to make amphiphilic compounds that are surface active and alter aesthetics. This results in the finding that the use of 5% or less of one of these polymers properly selected can provide different and new sensory in many cosmetic products. Since the new formulation uses a platform that is 95%+ the same as the original formulation that has been successful, the changes are minimally disruptive to the formulation. This presentation will provide a background and examples of such additions to a moisturizer formulation.


Tony O’Lenick
Nascent Technology Corporation

Tony O’Lenick is President of Nascent Technology Corporation, a consulting and product development company located in Lawrenceville, Ga. Tony spent 40 years in technical and executive positions at various silicone, surfactant and specialty chemicals companies including; Siltech LLC, Alkaril Chemicals Inc, Henkel Corporation and Mona Industries. Tony has over 300 patents, written 6 books in various aspects of surfactant, silicone and organic chemistry, published over 70 technical articles in trade journals, contributed chapters to six compilation books. He teaches a course in silicone chemistry, surfactant chemistry and patent law. He has received a number of awards for work including the 1996 Samuel Rosen Award given by the American Oil Chemists’ Society, the 1997 Innovative Use of Fatty Acids Award given by the Soap and Detergents Association, and the Partnership to The Personal Care Award given by the Advanced Technology Group. Tony is a fellow in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and a board member of the American Oil Chemist Society. Tony was National President of SCC in 2015, Chair of Education of IFSCC and has won the 2018 Maison G de Navarre award and the 2019 SCC Merit award.