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About Maison G. de Navarre 

Known to his friends as Ed, Maison G. de Navarre, is known to have his interest in cosmetic chemistry rooted in his pharmaceutical antecedents. Upon graduating high school in 1926, Ed followed his brothers’ footsteps to the College of the City of Detroit (now Wayne University), to study pharmacy. Once apprenticed in a drugstore, a law requirement for State Board examinations on graduation, Ed was at once intrigued by cosmetics & perfumes. This interest was further nourished by the fine toiletries department at the drugstore in the lobby of the Book-Cadillac Hotel where one of his brother’s was assistant manager. Whenever possible, Ed was there looking over the fascinating stock of bottles and jars.

 As early as 1935, Ed had attempted to interest the technical men in the cosmetic industry to form a scientific society. He encountered a great deal of apathy, and even fear of reprisals for participation in such an effort. However, he acquired wide acquaintance and reputation in the trade, through his monthly column “Desiderata” in The American Perfumer, his book “The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics”, and his country wide consulting practice. Such factors, coupled with his energy and persistence, overcame the obstacles in 1945 when he and 11 other like-minded men founded the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, during a time when the atmosphere in the industry was full of closely guarded secrets.

General Description of the Award 

The Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award is designed to recognize an individual for accomplishments in activity supporting the best interests of the cosmetic industry through technical contributions.  Patents, publications and technical presentations are to be considered.  The primary question that should be answered is: “What has this individual done for the cosmetic scientist and for the cosmetic industry?” Membership and activity in the Society can be considered, but are not requirements for the Award. The Award consists of a trophy and an honorarium.


The Committee shall consist of five members. The Chair is appointed by the President. The Chair shall select four additional members, three of whom are past Medal awardees. The President shall confirm the Chair’s appointees.

The Committee selects the recipient of the Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


  1. The Committee should gather nominations.
  2. Narrow nominations to a minimum of three and maximum of five.
  3. Prepare a dossier for each of the selected candidates without consulting the candidate.
  4. Select, on the basis of the dossier, the nominee.
  5. Present the name of the nominee and supporting evidence to the Board of Directors for its approval or disapproval by secret majority vote. All persons participating in the selection process will maintain secrecy until the recipient is informed.
  6. The Committee Chair shall be responsible for preparing the written citation for the Award.
  7. The President shall notify the Award recipient after approval by the Board of Directors is given.
  8. The President shall present the Medal to the awardee at the Annual Meeting in December.