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NYSCC Professional Development Symposium

At this year’s NYSCC Professional Development Symposium on Thursday October 6, 2016 starting at 1:00pm, the NYSCC plans to help expand our members’ educational awareness beyond our industry’s latest technologies by offering a focus on how each member can excel by being their BEST SELF in a very competitive and challenging market. The program will focus on key habits of successful people and how to direct our passion to achieve results while still maintaining the proper balance between life and work. As an added bonus, the NYSCC have included a fun and informal networking Oktoberfest to this event to aide our members’ professional development by meeting and learning from each other.

The Event will cover the following:

Lifestyle Balance for Optimum Performance – Josh Skube

We have all fallen victim to narrowing the scope of our attention onto a solitary goal. Often times, we laser-focus our attention on an important work-related goal. It is true that more time and energy and less distraction will lead to better results for our goal. However, this intense, prolonged focus can diminish the quality of other, equally important, aspects of our life. Inevitably, everything held dear, even the task at hand, begins to unravel.

What if I told you that sacrificing the other aspects of your life wasn’t necessary? What if I told you that achieving your goal would not suffer either? Finding your lifestyle balance will not only help you achieve your goal, but make you happier and more productive during the process.

Let us begin with identifying one powerful habit that, if you could consistently achieve it, would advance your quest for lifestyle balance and optimum performance. You will learn ways to foster this positive habit and make it stick through implementation of proper mindset, motivation, and effective strategies. Once this habit becomes a part of you again, the lights will be on and shining bright, the sounds you listen to will be vibrant, mental acuity will be sharp, and life will again be in harmony.

With the discovery of lifestyle balance we will be reaching our goals by increasing productivity through efficiency and focus, all while living in the moment.

Living Principles for True Success – Kathleen Sullivan, Ph.D.

This highly interactive, engaging session will reference the principles of the 7 Habits to frame our exploration for achieving true success. You will develop a tool box of practical ideas to enhance your effectiveness at work and for greater personal satisfaction. We will detect blind spots that detract from achieving what truly matters to you and replace those barriers with concrete solutions. We will integrate the challenges presented from Josh Skubes’ session into our application of the key success principles.