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The Society offers additional resources available to professionals of the Cosmetic and Personal Care community, such as SCC Monographs. Monographs present an in-depth discussion of various technical topics related to the health and beauty industry and are intended to fill a need in the cosmetic literature and to provide a quick introductory reference to specific topics. There are seven monographs available for purchase: Silicones in Hair Care; Surfactants; Permanent Hair Dyes; Antiperspirants and Deodorants; Nail Lacquer Technology; Lipstick Technology; and Colorants Used in the Cosmetics Industry.
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    The use of silicone materials in hair care and skin care has been known in the art for over fifty years. Skin care formulations incorporating dimethicone polymers premiered in the marketplace slightly earlier than did hair care products.
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    Although hair dyeing has been used as a cosmetic treatment throughout history, the process as we know it today stems from the discoveries in the Nineteenth Century that hydrogen peroxide both bleaches the natural color of hair and oxidizes chemicals such as aromatic amines on hair to give dark colors.
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    The intent of this monograph is two fold. First to provide the reader not familiar with antiperspirants and deodorants with basic information and secondly to provide readers experienced in the field with specific detailed information relevant to many aspects of antiperspirant and deodorant technology.
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    Nail lacquers and relate products represent a significant dollar value to the cosmetics industry. In spite of the relative ubiquity of nail products, the formulation of nail lacquers traditionally has been a highly specialized discipline within cosmetic science.
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    The use of colorants to enhance the appearance of the lips dates back to antiquity. Paintings and archaeological excavations from early Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian civilizations confirm that women in these early societies painted their lips with mixtures of hematite and red ochre in vegetable oil or animal fat.
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    The purpose of this work is to give the reader a general idea and overview of the basic concepts and principles of color usage in the cosmetics industry. ____________________________________________________________________________
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