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SCC Members Respond to COVID-19 Global Health Crisis

In these unprecedented times, SCC members from companies of all sizes are stepping up.  See how they are contributing to the greater good.


  • Submitted:       4/1/20
  • Company:        SEPPIC INC – Air Liquide Healthcare Specialty Ingredients
  • Submitted by: Laure-Anne Gillon, Operational Marketing Manager – Beauty Care North America
  • Location:          Fairfield, NJ
  • Website:

In this period full of uncertainties Seppic Inc. is proud to announce a new charitable initiative: “POLYMERS WITH A BIG HEART” to give back to local communities in the United States, starting on April 1, 2020.

This charitable initiative is also linked to the opening of POLYKON MANUFACTURING LLC, our new production site in the United States. The state-of-the-art facility, located in Sandston, Virginia (“the State for Lovers”), has just started to produce one of our rheology modifying polymers: SEPIMAX ZEN™.

SEPIMAX ZEN™ is the first polymer selected for our charitable initiative: “POLYMERS WITH A BIG HEART” whereby Seppic Inc. will donate $0.50 for each kilogram of SEPIMAX ZEN™ sold in North America from April 1 through Dec 31, 2020. The donations will be made to “Direct Relief”, a non-profit organization focused on providing protective equipment to healthcare organizations and healthcare workers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We appreciate the confidence our customers have placed in us and believe that together we can help people across North America.

Let’s spread a little bit of love with Seppic!


  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         P&G
  • Submitted by:  Lauren Ballhaus, Senior Scientist
  • Location:          Mason, OH
  • Website: 

Beyond our brands, we have a long history of supporting communities in times of need — and we are answering the call to do even more. We’re stepping up to provide much needed product donations and financial support. Our contributions of product and in-kind support now exceed $15 million and will continue to increase as we work with communities around the world to understand how we can best serve them.

Millions of P&G products are being donated from 30 brands in more than 20 countries, with more on the way. These donations ensure that families who do not have basic access to the everyday essentials many of us take for granted, can have the cleaning, health and hygiene benefits P&G brands can provide.

Our contributions are broad-based with cash support to ensure disaster relief organizations can meet immediate needs, including hygiene education and medical equipment and supplies. We’re partnering with some of the world’s leading relief organizations, including the International Federation of the Red Cross, Americares and Direct Relief, and key regional organizations such as Feeding America, Matthew 25: Ministries, the China Youth Development Foundation, One Foundation, the Korea Disaster Relief Association, the United Way, and more.

P&G people across the world are stepping up to use our innovation, marketing and manufacturing expertise to directly support our communities for the greater good.

We have installed new lines to start production of hand sanitizer in five manufacturing sites around the world, using it to ensure our people can continue operating safely and sharing it with hospitals, health authorities and relief organizations. We are expanding manufacturing capacity further in additional facilities in the coming weeks and will have a capacity of at least 45,000 liters per week when fully operational.

Work is under way to produce critically needed face masks at nearly a dozen P&G manufacturing sites around the world. We’re up and running already in China. We have teams working to install capacity in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and will quickly begin production in the coming weeks. 

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         Bell International Laboratories
  • Submitted by:  Marisa Plescia, R&D Chemist
  • Location:          Eagan, MN
  • Website: 

With the commitment of CEO Mo Saremi, Bell International Laboratories has increased dramatically their production and will continue to manufacture alcohol-based hand sanitizer sprays and gels. In this era of COVID-19 and the virus’s spread throughout the world, the need for hand sanitizer products have increased exponentially with the result being a global shortage with many empty shelves at stores, and most dire, a lack of hand sanitizer for front-line medical personnel.

Prior to COVID-19, hand sanitizer products have been a sustaining business for Bell International Laboratories with over 4 million hand sanitizers made in 2019. With the onset of COVID-19, all production capabilities have moved to hand sanitizer with CEO Mo Saremi understanding the necessity and duty to help contribute to the broader coronavirus relief efforts.

In the next few weeks, Bell will manufacture a total of 22 million units of hand sanitizer with already 1.5 million units made in the past few weeks. Output of hand sanitizer is of utmost importance to help with the spread of coronavirus and Saremi has dedicated his 250,000 square foot facility to continue to focus all efforts on hand sanitizer production. Saremi also notes that Bell will remain open and that all his employees’ health and safety is of greatest importance to him and he is grateful for their efforts. Enhanced and stringent safety measures have been put into effect to ensure the well-being of his employees during this time.

In difficult times like these, Saremi indubitably recognizes and acknowledges the need for hand sanitizer donations and is working diligently to provide first responders, including EMTS, fire departments, and hospitals, with the necessary hand sanitizer to help protect themselves. Nursing homes and additional high-risk establishments will also be provided with hand sanitizer for their use. Currently, the goal is to donate over 250,00 units of hand sanitizer over the next few weeks.

Bell International Laboratories will certainly continue to work diligently with the goal of providing hand sanitizer to all individuals to help live a safe and healthy life.

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         EES Cosmetic Solutions
  • Submitted by:  Heather Wilson, Administrative Assistant/Marketing
  • Location:          Forked River, NJ
  • Website: 

As a company, we are hosting “Wednesday Coffee Break” on ZOOM. I send   out a weekly flyer with our meeting ID through constant contact, LinkedIn and Facebook for whoever wants to join (I have attached an example of what I put out) . This is an open and safe space to connect with and care for whoever wants to join. This past week, we talked about the struggles of COVID19 in the industry, gave a presentation on how people can use ZOOM to stay in contact with their customers and families, and tips for working from home. We opened up the floor to let those who joined communicate their own struggles, needs, prayer requests; anything they want to share.

As individuals, our owners Ed and Ellen Schack and their church, Proving Ground in Lakehurst, NJ, sent a care package to their local Emergency Room employees. They also brought in toilet paper for their staff here at EES since many of us are in short supply at our homes. My husband and I along with our church, Wellspring Church of Toms River, NJ, gave out 20 ShopRite gift cards to families in need, are collecting cleaning supplies for low income housing and care package items for our local hospital workers.

I love that you are opening up the opportunity to let people share how their helping the world during this craziness. It’s so important that we see some light come from this. We all can be so wrapped up in the negative things we see on the news and social media, and while it’s important to stay in the know, it’s equally as important to see the “wins” coming out of this to stay mentally positive and keep the attitudes of selflessness.

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         Honeywell Fluorine Products
  • Submitted by:  Dan Taylor, Customer Marketing
  • Location:          Smithfield, RI
  • Website: 

To address growing demand of masks during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, Honeywell is quickly ramping up production and making millions of the N95 masks in the United States.

We are expanding manufacturing operations in a factory in Smithfield, Rhode Island, which also produces UVEX safety glasses.

Those N95 face masks will be delivered to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for use to support health, safety and emergency response workers.

Honeywell expects the new mask production line in Smithfield will create at least 500 jobs. Recruiting, hiring and training manufacturing workers will begin immediately.

We have also increased production of the masks around the world, as part of our efforts to respond to the coronavirus.

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         Amway
  • Submitted by:  Caryn Weiss, Sr. Research Scientist
  • Location:          Ada, MI
  • Website: 

The health and safety of communities is built into Amway products. So, when the need arose in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., we stepped up. Combining our passion for community stewardship with our core competencies in manufacturing cleaning products on the Ada campus, we responded to an urgent need from our local Spectrum Health System for hand sanitizer to protect health care providers as they serve the growing population of patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fittingly named Project Light Speed, the initiative hit the ground running. In just 24 hours, we pulled together a cross-functional team of more than 40 local employees to develop an immediate action plan to repurpose onsite raw materials to produce approximately 14,000 units of Amway hand sanitizer, set to ship this week. Additionally, we placed an order for materials to produce two more batches (28,000 units), which will roll off the line in the coming weeks.

Additional batches of Amway hand sanitizer will be sent to local hospitals outside of Spectrum’s network and Kids Food Basket, a longtime local partner that works to end childhood hunger. Our partnership with Kids Food Basket will help ensure the health and safety of workers and volunteers as they assemble meals for West Michigan children and families in need.

 “Our team designed and built new filling equipment, printed labels, produced bottles, and expedited raw materials from all over to make this happen so quickly, and they’ve done it with tremendous enthusiasm, which doesn’t surprise me one bit,” said George Calvert, Amway chief supply chain officer. “Helping others has always been part of Amway’s culture and we need to support each other and our communities now more than ever.”

To expedite production and ship time, bottles and labels were immediately produced in our Plastics and Paper Products facilities and multiple pieces of equipment were moved from our Personal Care plant to our Cosmetics plant, where the team set up home base. The mixing process began on Monday, March 16, with filling set to begin on Tuesday or Wednesday. From start to finish––mixing, filling, coding, labeling and packaging––the project will be completed in the Cosmetics plant.

When it came to packaging, the team elected to use current 400mL pump bottles currently on hand for other products. Creative services quickly designed a label, which was produced in the Paper Products plant, and applied to the thousands of bottles produced by the Plastics team on Monday.

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         Dow
  • Submitted by:  Paige Engerer, Technical Service & Development Chemist
  • Location:          Midland, MI
  • Website: 

We also understand that we run world-class manufacturing organizations – organizations where health and safety is especially paramount, and where working from home may not be possible. As a result, we’re actively managing the situation – site by site and region by region – to ensure we are operating in the safest and most reliable manner possible.

We do not typically produce hand sanitizer; however, a large portion of the required raw materials are readily available at our sites. Through close partnerships with suppliers, state and federal regulatory officials and volunteers, we have been able to quickly move to get ready for production. Our output is expected to be the equivalent of more than 880,000 eight-ounce bottles. All of it has been allocated for donation. The majority will go to health systems and government agencies for distribution. The other portion will be distributed at our production sites, helping protect our colleagues on the frontlines.

We’re expanding hand sanitizer production at additional manufacturing sites in Europe, Latin America and North America.

To further support the efforts of those on the frontlines and the recovery efforts still to come, today, Dow announced a commitment of $3 million to aid COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide.

  • Submitted:       3/26/20
  • Company:         Sunday Riley
  • Submitted by:  Sunday Riley, CEO
  • Location:          Houston, TX
  • Website: 

We donated 500 of our CEO Vitamin C Moisturizers to hospital staff at 13 hospitals around the US. We learned that the face masks were drying to the skin and there was a request for some moisture relief.

We also donated face masks to DC area hospitals.

  • Submitted:       3/27/20
  • Company:         Elevation Labs
  • Submitted by:  Cassandra Hume, Director of Marketing
  • Location:          Idaho Falls, ID
  • Website: 

We have dedicated a portion of our Idaho facility to the production of hand sanitizer, which we have started to distribute to our employees as well as a local hospice facility.  We are working on a larger batch which will be distributed to hospitals, first responders and other in-need local organizations.

Additionally, we have donated raw materials and manufacturing equipment to our local hospital pharmacies to enable them to increase their own on-site sanitizer manufacturing. 

We also have an absolutely incredible group of colleagues who are working to support local organizations at each of our divisions.  One of our earliest responders was Laura Kelly, who works as a Quality Control Manager at our Idaho location.  Laura has put her incredible sewing skills to use making masks which she has donated to area hospitals and high-risk individuals in the community. 

  • Submitted:       3/27/20
  • Company:        MC Rose Skincare
  • Submitted by:  Danielle Kovach, CEO
  • Location:          Melbourne, FL
  • Website: 

As a small business, my main customers are on a local level. I started doing Facebook posts on skin care, exercise and how to make simple meals. By not being caught up in “wants”, it is a time to reflect on your friends and the people you love.

I called an EMS person I know and volunteered some masks and long cuff gloves. She was very grateful. I told her if the Hospital needed some to contact me. I contacted the people I know with elderly people and offered them PPE as well. People who have lived paycheck to paycheck, offering them support. I just want people to know, the little things matter the most. That is what we are all about.

  • Submitted:       3/27/20
  • Company:         Roelmi HPC
  • Submitted by:  Stefania Zanzerotta, Marketing Manager
  • Location:          Milan, Italy
  • Website: 

I take the opportunity to share with you the concrete efforts and the thoughts made by ROELMI HPC, Italian company specialized in sustainable active & functional ingredients for Health & Personal Care markets.

Here, in Italy, we are facing a hard emergency. Our company is based in Lombardy (one of the most affected regions) but our supply chain is able to guarantee the usual continuity in the supply processes and we have no signs of particular problems in the supply flows. We adopted several measures of safety for all the employees (smart working, redesign of office layout). We obviously continue to follow the instructions of the competent authorities hoping that the emergency will be solved soon.

We actively participated at the fundraising operated by “Renato Piatti Onlus Foundation,” a non-profit organization of social utility based in Varese for the purpose to design, implement and manage services for people with intellectual and/or relational disabilities and their families.  The goal was to support: extraordinary security measures (purchase of individual protection devices, sanitization cycles of the environments, interventions of compartmentalization of the spaces to guarantee social distancing as much as possible), experimental use of new technologies (telemedicine, video surveillance, remote devices for psychological support to families and operators, all solutions that are currently being examined by our General Management).

At ROELMI HPC, each of us is committed to deal with this unexpected situation in a positive way.

By working at home or in the headquarters, we are trying to make our best to assure business continuity.

  • Submitted:       3/28/20
  • Company:         Stratia
  • Submitted by:  Alli Reed, Owner/Founder
  • Location:          Pasadena, CA
  • Website: 

We’re using materials we have on hand to manufacture and distribute free hand sanitizer to the community. Most of the people signing up for free hand sanitizer are high-risk for COVID complications, or are getting it on behalf of their high-risk loved ones. We’ve set up a no-contact pick-up point to avoid unnecessary human contact. We feel extremely grateful to be able to support our local community in some small way.