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In Vitro Penetration of Petrolatum in Stratum Corneum from Bodywash Formulation

Journal of Cosmetic Science | Vol. 70 No. 5
Authored by Apipa Wanasathop, Zhanquan Shi, Q. Ching Stella, Karl S. Wei, Peter B. Styczynski, Chuiying Li, and S. Kevin Li


Petrolatum is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is widely used as a moisturizer. It is incorporated in bodywash formulations to help hydrate and maintain healthy skin appearance. The aim of this study was to investigate skin deposition and penetration of petrolatum from an experimental bodywash system consisting of petrolatum in vitro . Experiments were performed using cadaver split-thickness skin and Franz diffusion cells. Radiolabeled 14 C-dotriacontane (C 32 -alkane) was used as a model permeant for petrolatum. The bodywash was applied on the skin and subsequently rinsed. At predetermined time points, the skin was wiped to remove the residual material on the surface, and tape-stripping was performed. Petrolatum was observed to deposit from the bodywash when applied on split-thickness skin with simulated rinsing. Petrolatum then penetrated into the stratum corneum and was detected at the depth of 12 tape-stripping and in the epidermis. The bodywash formulation could provide significant deposition and penetration of petrolatum into the stratum corneum at 1–72 hours postapplication.


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