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Get to know Annual Meeting Speaker Richard Blackburn, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard S. Blackburn

Associate Professor at the University of Leeds and Founder of Keracol Limited

Dr. Blackburn’s key areas of research focus around the principles of sustainability and how these principles can be applied in the fields of materials science, coloration technology and cosmetics. His research is important in terms of the contribution to basic research, fundamental discoveries, and influence on the direction of the field, making a significant contribution to the scientific community. His research also has significant impact in its application in terms of providing more sustainable products and processes for industry and society. Dr. Blackburn is co-founder and director of University spin-out company Keracol Limited, which develops novel approaches to the extraction of active molecules from plant sources, and fractionating and purifying them for multiple applications, both existing and novel. Keracol extracts are effectively applied in cosmetic products for hair coloration, hair care and skin care. Keracol have invented novel hair dye systems that utilise solely natural and renewable materials, providing a solution to unmet needs in the personal care industry, where there is huge consumer demand for personal care products containing natural and renewable ingredients. 

Annual Meeting Presentation Abstract

Nature’s amazing chemistry: extraction from sustainable sources and application in cosmetics

Dr. Richard S. Blackburna,b
aSustainable Materials Research Group, School of Design, University of Leeds, UK
bKeracol Limited, University of Leeds, UK 

Nature makes amazing chemistry and increasing numbers of naturally-derived ingredients are appearing in cosmetic products, but with little understanding of their activity or composition. Actives from plant material were isolated using green chemistry principles and applications developed for sustainable and functional cosmetics. A range of natural extracts derived from grape (Vitis vinifera L.) skin waste, including resveratrol and several flavonols, were developed as actives for antiaging skincare products and demonstrated high antioxidant activity and skin appearance benefits. Anthocyanins colorants from blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) skin waste were extracted and purified whilst preserving glycosylation enabling advantageous formulation, stability, and application; these colorants were effectively employed as hair colorants showing excellent colour properties and good wash fastness. A novel formulation was developed to allow biopolymers extracted from seaweed to be effectively employed in high ethanol containing solvent systems for hair styling; performance was shown to be superior to PVP/PVP-VA hair styling products.

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