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Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC » Industry Provider Directory

Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC

Contact: Bailey Fasano
Work 371 Hoes Lane Suite 100 Piscataway NJ 08854 Work Phone: 732-393-5774Work Fax: 732-981-0520Website:

Biographical Info

Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC (CRL) operates as an independent contract laboratory providing a wide range of clinical safety and efficacy testing to the cosmetic, beauty products, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. Located in central New Jersey, CRL is dedicated to conducting human clinical test procedures to determine the safety and efficacy of cosmetic, personal care, and OTC drug products. The Company focuses its clinical expertise in the areas of dermatology, photobiology, ophthalmology, bioinstrumentation, microbiology, cosmetology, clinical trials, and associated services. CRL operates a 22,000 square foot clinical testing facility with approximately 75 employees in Piscataway, NJ.

CRL was founded in 1992. The objective in starting the business was to develop a leading independent laboratory for in vivo clinical testing. The Company focused on providing clients with customized safety and efficacy testing programs for consumer and pharmaceutical products. The Company maintains a database containing over 25,000 panelists, each having completed a comprehensive medical history and product usage survey. CRL can design clinical trials utilizing over 30 different study-related variables, which include age, race, sex, skin type, and product usage practices using its existing panelist relationships.

CRL has completed over 20,000 clinical testing studies for more than 300 different businesses and has established long term contracts with some of the largest consumer products companies in the world. The Company routinely conducts studies for anti-aging claims, SPF efficacy, acne treatment and a variety of other cosmetic product categories. The Company has established a reputation for excellence in clinical studies and testing.

CRL performs a wide range of clinical safety and efficacy testing which can be categorized into three primary areas including: (i) Repeated Insult Patch Test (“RIPT”) which is the industry standard for dermal sensitization testing; RIPT is used predominately for skin care products, color cosmetics, woven and non-woven fabrics and fragrances, (ii) In-Use Safety Studies which allow product vendors to make dermatological safety in-use claims such as “Dermatologist Tested” and “Safe for Sensitive Skin” or any other substantive safety claims, and (iii) traditional efficacy and safety assessments that provide results of the efficacy of a particular consumer product and product claim substantiation and authentication.

Our newly installed Clarity Research 3D system is at the forefront of imaging technology. It is the only system on the market that combines cutting edge 2D and 3D capabilities, utilizing front & side scans to create a high density mesh model in three dimensions. This state-of-the-art 3D measurement capability improves recognition of features and provides more precision than any other system available. Some of the measurements this system is capable of include 3D facial contour analysis, lip texture & volume analysis, 3D acne scar visualization, and subsurface pigment detection. Beyond the Clarity Research 3D system, CRL features an array of other advanced testing equipment, including our HotPack Environmental Chamber, full service beauty salon, complete ophthalmology suites, and a photobiology/sunscreen suite featuring a Jacuzzi, showers and dressing room.

CRL is proud to announce the addition of our Consumer Perception and Focus Room capabilities. Our 20’ by 14’ viewing room comfortably seats up to 25 subjects and it is equipped with state of the art video monitoring, audio and video data capture, lighted mirrors, and computers that utilize Survey Tracker Plus for quick, accurate, and flexible real time data capture. The room can also be reconfigured as a focus room to accommodate moderated panel sessions that can be monitored by the client. These capabilities, in conjunction with Clinical Research Laboratories’ renowned safety and efficacy studies, will provide clients with accurate research, a better understanding of the attitudes and opinions of your consumers, and aid in future business decisions and market share predictions.

Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC aspires to be the independent laboratory of choice for in vivo clinical testing. CRL’s management and staff will work individually with each client to develop a customized safety and efficacy testing program that meets the client’s individual study goals within their specific budgetary requirements. We are committed to uncompromising excellence in providing services for clinical trial management.

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