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Biometrix, Inc. » Industry Provider Directory

Biometrix, Inc.

Contact: Ningna Chen
Work 2419 Ocean Avenue San Francisco CA 94127 Work Phone: 415-333-0522, ext. 1011Website:

Biographical Info

Biometrix has become the clinical research partner of choice for leading cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The reasons are basic:

Our services are truly cost effective. Because of our innovative global partnerships, we are able to perform state-of-the-art research projects at tremendous savings…savings which we pass on to you.

We excel in reaching the typically hard-to-recruit populations. Because of our global presence, we successfully recruit in the ethnically rich San Francisco Bay area, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, India and other worldwide locations. If you have been challenged in reaching hard to recruit populations, we can assist. Recruiting for both standard populations and hard-to-reach populations are now possible to obtain without worry from one clinical research organization – Biometrix.

We actively partner with the University of California-San Francisco and other institutions. Our partnerships with the University of California at San Francisco and other institutions worldwide link us to networks of the top clinical research leaders. We also offer microbiology lab capabilities.

We employ a large array of the latest, cutting-edge technologies.
Our industry-leading access to these technologies allows us to explore and execute both standard studies and those which require outside-the-box thinking. Big or small, we serve all our clients with dedication and expertise you require and need.

You are our research partner, not just our client. We work closely with you through the clinical trial and claims support process…from study design and trial initiation through data analysis results interpretation.

Flexibility and adaptability. We easily adjust to changing needs during the study process to deliver reliable and dependable outcomes for your studies.

We specialize in problem solving.We take special care in protocol development that suits your particular research and budgetary needs.

Select services offered – Claim substantiation support, Product safety and efficacy testing, Skin hydration and moisturization, Oil and shine control, Fine line and wrinkle reduction, RIPT testing, SPF testing, Special population studies, Hard-to-recruit studies, Nail and hair care studies, Shared panel testing, In-vitro and in-vivo testing, Safety-in-use testing, Medical device testing and evaluations, Medical and ocular device testing, Dental care testing, Healthcare and pharmaceutical testing, Topical and transdermal studies, Biopsy studies, Translational Research & Bioinstrumentation.

Whatever your study size or your research challenge, Biometrix is here to serve you. Contact Society of Cosmetic Chemists member Mark Eisenberg, Biometrix’s Marketing Manager, today at 973-960-5392 or 415-333-0624.

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