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Announcing SCC Education Week


Announcing the SCC Education Week Event! Join the Society of Cosmetic Chemists for a full week of cosmetic science education. On June 21-25, 2021, the SCC presents a series of online CEP courses concentrating on 4 key areas in the development of a cosmetic product:

  • – Raw materials
  • – Formulating for the delivery of active ingredients
  • – Prototype development and testing
  • – Scale up and manufacturing.

SCC Education Week is an exciting week of education that will end with a panel seminar focused on claims substantiation of finished cosmetic products. REGISTER TODAY!

Attendees have three registration options to choose from based on their specified interests: 

  • NextGen Track – access to all courses labeled NextGen Monday – Thursday. Also includes the bonus seminar & networking event on Friday
  • Advanced Track – access to all courses labeled Advanced Monday – Thursday. Also includes the bonus seminar & networking event on Friday
  • Full SCC Education Week – access to courses in both the Advanced and NextGen Track. Also includes the bonus seminar & networking event on Friday. 

Note: because courses are running concurrently Monday-Thursday, those purchasing Full SCC Education Week access will utilize the on-demand recorded playbacks (available for 30 days) to view any courses they are not able to attend live. See complete schedule and pricing below.


Cosmetic Raw Materials | Monday & Tuesday (11:00am – 2:30pm EDT)

Two-day online course (June 21-22, 2021) with instructor Mark Chandler. There is a dizzying array of raw materials from which the cosmetic formulator can choose from. Knowledge concerning the chemistry and basic function of these ingredients can be extremely valuable in the formulation process. [LEARN MORE]

Cosmetic Product Prototypes: Development and Testing | Wednesday & Thursday (11:00am – 2:30pm EDT)

Two-day online course (June 23-24, 2021) with instructor Perry Romanowski. This course will cover how to convert ideas into working cosmetic product prototypes along with the testing needed to demonstrate their safety and effectiveness. [LEARN MORE]


Formulating for the Delivery of Cosmetic Actives | Monday & Tuesday (11:00am – 2:30pm EDT)

Two-day online course (June 21-22, 2021) with instructor Ricardo Diez, PhD. Cosmetic actives, even those with proven efficacy, only perform optimally in cosmetic products when they are delivered in the correct spot of the skin and in the correct amount. This course offers both a comprehensive view of the fundamental aspects behind the effective delivery of actives (Day 1), as well as the practical aspects of selecting an appropriate product, and the specifics of the formulation process (Day2). [LEARN MORE]

Scale Up and Processing Cosmetic Formulations | Wednesday & Thursday (11:00am – 2:30pm EDT)

Two-day online course (June 23-24, 2021) with instructor David Yacko. In the cosmetic industry it is imperative that new products get from the bench to manufacturing as quickly as possible. This is the job of the Process Development Engineer and the process is called “scale up.” This course will discuss the different aspects of scale up: heat transfer, addition rates and energy input as it pertains to batch size and different equipment. [LEARN MORE]


Cosmetic Claim Substantiation | Friday (11:00am – 2:15pm EDT)

One-day online seminar (June 25, 2021) with multiple speakers. On the last day of the event, the Society will bring together all attendees for a very special bonus seminar on cosmetic claims substantiation. A collaboration with the Independent Beauty Association, this seminar will feature a series of individual presentations followed by a moderated, panel-style Q&A session. Full seminar agenda to be announced soon.

Virtual Networking Event | Friday (2:15pm – 4:00pm EDT)