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Amit Chandra, PhD
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
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Amit Chandra, PhD


Dr. Amit Chandra serves as Fellow / Advisor for Botanical Innovation at Amway R&D (aka Innovation and Science), Amway Corporation. He is a world class subject matter expert in the area of botanicals, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Dr. Chandra is a pharmacognosist / Phyto-chemist / phyto-pharmacologist with a doctorate in Natural Products Chemistry, with 34 years of experience in academia and industry. Amit’s area of focus at Amway- Nutrilite / Artistry is directed towards innovation, discovery and development of health and beauty products (dietary supplements, food and beverage, cosmetics, skin and personal care). His research has gained him 82 peer reviewed publications and over 80 invited presentations in international journals and scientific societies to date. He has 18 patents in his career so far. He is very focused and active on the scientific areas that relate to deliver authentic, safe and efficacious botanicals as part of dietary supplements and traditional medicine for health and beauty. Amit’s passion is to convert the traditional botanical medicine / ingredients that have already proven to work based on ancient wisdom by using modern science to evolve into products that can delight consumers. Focus is also on consistency in quality and authenticity on botanicals used.

Mantra: Let ancient wisdom meet modern science.

Dr. Chandra participates and serves as a subject matter expert in international scientific societies and organizations such as AOAC (International Association of Analytical Communities), ASP (American Society of Pharmacognosy), ABC (American Botanical Council), AHPA (American Herbal Products Association), NCNPR (National center for Natural Products Research), SCC (Society of Cosmetic Chemists) to name a few. In 2013 he was conferred the award of distinguished scientist by Amway R&D (global) and in 2019 he was conferred the lifetime achievement award of “Fellow of AOAC International” for his meritorious service to the organization.



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