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New Members

Download Member ApplicationNew SCC Members may register online or download a writable .PDF membership application and email to Colleen Daddino at All major credit cards are accepted. Please use this form to type all your information. Once complete, please save the file on your computer, then email Colleen Daddino at or fax it to (212) 668-1504. The Society prefers typed applications over handwritten for ease of processing. Incomplete applications will delay the processing of your membership.

Existing SCC Members

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Thank You from the SCC

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists extends its sincere appreciation to the following members and companies for their dedication and interest in the Society through voluntary contributions made during the dues renewals for 2015.

Geoffrey J. Brooks
Gary Agisim
Michael Conti
John Imperante
Donald A. Katz
Fred Khoury
Jeffrey Light
Robert Y. Lochhead, Ph.D.
Heather L. Naef-Owen
Anthony J. O’Lenick, Jr.
Colleen M. Rocafort
William C. Ross
Arda T. Saute
Richard R. Saute
Robert E. Saute, Ph.D.
Sarah Shuttleworth
Marlene Tietjen
Thomas J. Vichroski
M.M.P., Inc.

Dion C. De Lude
Rene J. DelDotto
Sundeep Gill
Bret A. Katz
Karl Laden, Ph.D.
Herbert M. Levetown
Walter W. Martish, III
Marc B. Mueller
John Nikolaou
Irwin A. Palefsky
Kirk K. Sakai
Richard J. Thabit
Barbara Wolf, Ph.D.
Solo Laboratories, Inc.

Leonard Appelle
William L. Bryan
Gail P. Bucher
Orey R. Buzzelli
David Chun Keung Chan
Mark Chandler
Samuel Cohen
John F. Corbett, Ph.D.
Mario De La Guardia
Lou DePasquale
Zoe D. Draelos, MD
JoAnne Drake
Bernard Foss
Eugene H. Gans
William R. Grace
Ronald W. Grexa
Steven L. Hanft
Peter D. Haugk
Justyce Jedlicka-Webb
Miles Kaegi
Dieter Kuster, Ph.D.
T. Joseph Lin, Ph.D.
Amy G. Marshall
James L. McGee
Alicia Milcetic
Stanley R. Milstein, Ph.D.
Joseph O’Reilly
Donald S. Orth, Ph.D.
Joseph P. Pavlichko
Julio G. Russ
Harold B. Saunders
Mitchelle L. Schlossman
Virginia Shen
John A. Shipps
Sari C. Snyder
Robert Stathis
Paul Thau
Richard Tokosh
Rodolfo E. Ugelstad
Edna Van Buren
Leszek Wolfram, Ph.D.
Vanitas Manufacturers Inc.
Natural Plant Products, Inc.
Acid Products Company Inc.

Gilberto Amparo
Linda J. Babinski
Philip G. Chapoulie
Michael A. Curtis
Harvey M. Fishman
Russell F. Grandis
Daniel A. Hamilton
Donald E. Hartung
Beverly Jackson
Guy L. Langer
Fred J. Lofaso
Ljiljana Markovic
John J. Merianos, Ph.D.
George J. Murphy
Brandon R. Nazario
Janet K. O’Grady
Richard J. Panzarasa
Jatinder Rana, Ph.D.
Jeannie Riddle
Vincent T. Rispoli
Azalea Rosholt
Jean Rossow
Carlo San Andres
Boyana Smith
Karla L. Stoner
Gina Taro
Stuart Williamson
Brad A. Zaro