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IBRContact: Liki von Oppen-Bezalel
Work 4 Pekeris Street Tamar Science Park Tehovot 7670204 Israel
Work Phone: 972-8-9465433 Work Phone: 49-30-80589698Website:


We at IBR are confident that nature holds the solutions. To discover new concepts, products and tools, we observe carefully and attentively, thinking out of the box- all with personal creativity and imagination.  Linking novel, advanced science and technology tools along with natural and traditional base; maintaining efficacy and safety that are proven and supported with studies while exploring original active ingredients – are key in our developments. Remaining a leader in innovation and uniqueness, to set trends in the industry and fulfill our customers’ needs is our target.  All provided with: Innovative, Sustainable, Clinically Proven and Personal Customers Support

Established in 1995, IBR Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells innovative and proprietary natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. IBR holds patented products and technologies, among them, the DORMINs and the COLORLESS CAROTENOIDS. IBR unique approaches to anti aging include COLORLESS CAROTENOIDS branded as IBR-Phyto(flu)ene® for topical and innovation award winning NutriCosmetics as well as DORMINs that slow aging by slowing down cell proliferation and preserving telomeres

NEW: IBR-Gapture® aqueous jojoba leaf extract that improves skin structure, cohesion and the barrier functions thereby restores water

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IDEA TESTS GroupContact: Pascal Yvon
Work 5, rue Jacques Monod - 33652 Martillac France

IDEA TESTS Group is a testing company that has specialized in the evaluation of cosmetic and personal care products for over 15 years. IDEA provides its services to companies on an international basis with customers all over the world.

IDEA performs a wide range of clinical tests to assess tolerance and efficacy, in vitro tests (OECD toxicology and efficacy tests), microbiological controls and toxicological expertise for both finished products and raw materials.

IDEA also provides regulatory assistance and customized recommendations to establish suitable tests to meets customers specific needs and to ensure compliance with current regulations.

IDEA is ISO 9001 v. 2008 certified, respects GCP (Good Clinical Practices) and is GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) certified.

IDEA TESTS Group is organized into 4 departments to provide a holistic approach to client need: IDEA Clinic (tolerance and efficacy studies) with 4 clinical centers (2 in France, 1 in Romania and 1 in Thailand), that specialize in clinical testing; IDEA Lab (cell culture and microbiology) with 2 laboratories in France, specializes in in vitro tests, IDEA Sun specializes in solar product testing and IDEA Legal (which provides Regulatory assistance and Safety Assessment services). With over 70 employees in 5 evaluation centers, its presence in the US, IDEA provides personalized contact and rapid turnaround times for client studies.

Categories: Testing Laboratories
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Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.Contact: Amanda Ulrey
Work 30 W. Watkins Mill Road, Suite 100 Gaithersburg MD 20878
Work Phone: 301-947-6523 Work Fax: 301-947-6538Website:

For over 15 years IIVS has helped cosmetic and personal care scientists incorporate non-animal test methods into their safety and efficacy programs.  In our GLP-compliant testing facility we offer assays to assess eye and skin irritation, sensitization, phototoxicity, eye sting and more.  IIVS can help companies build robust in vitro programs to meet today’s international regulatory requirements.

Categories: Testing Laboratories
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International Cosmetics and Regulatory SpecialistsContact: Janet W. Blaschke
Work 947A Manhattan Beach Blvd Manhattan Beach CA 90266
Work Phone: 10-545-3223 Work Fax: 310-545-0713Website:

International Cosmetics is known worldwide as an authority on Regulatory Affairs, Product Formulations and Quality Assurance issues.

On staff we have a qualified Safety Assessor as required by the EU for Dossiers/PIPs, and an ISO 9000 certified Auditor for Quality Assurance. We offer Expert Witness services for Product Liability and compliance, Domestic and International Intellectual Property and other issues.

Other specialties include US FDA GMP compliance and US agent services to FDA.

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IntertekContact: Nick Jermstad
Work 1060 Holland Drive, Suite G Boca Raton FL 33487
Work Phone: 262-409-5485 Work Fax: 516-989-0488Website:

Intertek has a global team of trained toxicologists and regulatory specialists with expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Toxicological Risk Assessment, Toxicity Testing, and GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs).

On our Health, Environmental, and Regulatory Services team, we have several qualified Safety Assessors as required by the EU Cosmetics Regulation to complete a Cosmetic Product Safety Report for the Product Information File (PIF).  With decades of experience, our experts have direct knowledge of the regulatory landscape of both cosmetic ingredient suppliers and finished good cosmetic manufacturers.

With over 37,000 employees in over 100 locations worldwide, Interek can assist with regulatory and safety issues from around the globe including chemical inventory registrations and notifications, REACH dossiers, and Prop 65 assessments.  In addition, Intertek offers many laboratory services including microbiological testing for preservation challenge tests, analytical testing to determine physical and chemical properties, and stability testing.

Categories: Consultants
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