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Biometrix, Inc.Contact: Mark Eisenberg
Work 2419 Ocean Avenue San Francisco CA 94127
Work Phone: 973-960-5392 Work Phone: 415-333-0624Website:

Biometrix has become the clinical research partner of choice for leading cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The reasons are basic:

Our services are truly cost effective. Because of our innovative global partnerships, we are able to perform state-of-the-art research projects at tremendous savings…savings which we pass on to you.

We excel in reaching the typically hard-to-recruit populations. Because of our global presence, we successfully recruit in the ethnically rich San Francisco Bay area, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, India and other worldwide locations. If you have been challenged in reaching hard to recruit populations, we can assist. Recruiting for both standard populations and hard-to-reach populations are now possible to obtain without worry from one clinical research organization – Biometrix.

We actively partner with the University of California-San Francisco and other institutions. Our partnerships with the University of California at San Francisco and other institutions worldwide link us to networks of the top clinical research leaders. We also offer microbiology lab capabilities.

We employ a large array of the latest, cutting-edge technologies.
Our industry-leading access to these technologies allows us to explore and execute both standard studies and those which require outside-the-box thinking. Big or small, we serve all our clients with dedication and expertise you require and need.

You are our research partner, not just our client. We work closely with you through the clinical trial and claims support process…from study design and trial initiation through data analysis results interpretation.

Flexibility and adaptability. We easily adjust to changing needs during the study process to deliver reliable and dependable outcomes for your studies.

We specialize in problem solving.We take special care in protocol development that suits your particular research and budgetary needs.

Select services offered – Claim substantiation support, Product safety and efficacy testing, Skin hydration and moisturization, Oil and shine control, Fine line and wrinkle reduction, RIPT testing, SPF testing, Special population studies, Hard-to-recruit studies, Nail and hair care studies, Shared panel testing, In-vitro and in-vivo testing, Safety-in-use testing, Medical device testing and evaluations, Medical and ocular device testing, Dental care testing, Healthcare and pharmaceutical testing, Topical and transdermal studies, Biopsy studies, Translational Research & Bioinstrumentation.

Whatever your study size or your research challenge, Biometrix is here to serve you. Contact Society of Cosmetic Chemists member Mark Eisenberg, Biometrix’s Marketing Manager, today at 973-960-5392 or 415-333-0624.

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BIORIUSContact: Aurelie Deville
Work Rue de la Croyere 10A Manage 7170 Belgium

BIORIUS is the largest EU regulatory Company specialized in cosmetic registration and compliance.  We registered over 6,000 products in EU and we cover many other countries outside EU.  BIORIUS has been selected by the largest US Cosmetic Trade Association ICMAD ( for their EU Program.  We have the highest registration production capacity in the market with 100 products per week, and over 300 brands as customers, many are from the USA and Canada.  Also offering testing and medical device.

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BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.
Home 3904 Del Amo Blvd Torrance CA 90503
Work Phone: 310-214-0043 Work Fax: 310-370-3642Website:

BioScreen Testing Services, Inc., is a full service analytical chemistry, microbiology and human clinical testing laboratory that provides turn-key services for the cosmetic and Over-the-Counter drug industry. BioScreen provides cGMP chemical and microbiological analysis and consulting as well as clinical claims substantiation for personal care products. Turn-key services for sunscreens including laboratory support, SPF and human safety testing makes BioScreen Testing Services a leader in GMP Testing and consulting in the western United States.

BioScreen Clincal Services, our Clinical Testing & Claims Division of BioScreen brings together an expert group of physicians and scientists. We offer a wide range of safety and efficacy testing to manufacturers of cosmetics, OTC drug products, household and industrial raw materials. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Additionally, custom protocols are designed to client specifications and used to provide critical supporting data to meet the needs of regulatory bodies.

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Bria Research LaboratoriesContact: Arun Nandagiri
Work 1920 Industrial Drive Libertyville IL 60048
Work Phone: 866-343-BRIA(2742) Work Fax: 847-816-1830Website:

Bria Research Labs, located in Libertyville, IL, provides hair care product development and testing services to the personal care industry. Our mission is to partner with our clients to develop superior hair care products based on an in-depth understanding of consumer needs. Our focus is on hair care products including complex formulations such as hair colors, permanent waves, hair straighteners and ethnic hair relaxers.

Founder Arun Nandagiri has more than 30 years of domestic and international hands-on experience formulating and developing superior hair care products. He held senior-level positions at Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, American Cyanamid and International Playtex. As the inventor or co-inventor of more than 27 U.S. patents, his expertise blends an understanding of consumer needs with in-depth knowledge of hair care formulation technologies across the full spectrum of products including shampoos, conditioners, leave-on products, aerosol and pump hairsprays, mousses, gels, permanent waving, hair straighteners, ethnic hair relaxers, and hair coloring products.

For information on our performance testing services, please visit our website.

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Bria Salon & Performance Testing CenterContact: Arun Nandagiri
Work 1920 Industrial Drive Libertyville IL 60048
Work Phone: 847-918-1774 Work Fax: 847-816-1830Website:

Bria Performance Testing Center provides a variety of services to bring you and your products closer to your consumers and in understanding their needs.

Claims Substantiation:
In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand, and it is equally important to have them differentiated from other similar products. Supporting product claims that can withstand scrutiny is a challenging activity that needs to be done before the product is introduced. We can help in developing a robust claims package that includes a variety of instrumental tests which can be coupled with salon and home use test data..

Instrumental Testing:
Our instrumental testing methodologies are widely accepted by the industry and have been used to guide product development efforts, product evaluations, claim support, patents, litigation etc. Quick turnaround time and our costs are very competitive. Call us to learn more about our protocols which have been used to get approvals from HSN, QVC and other net works

Salon Testing:
We have a fully staffed four-station hair salon where we can evaluate your product’s performance, substantiate product claims or perform any other studies on consumers. It encompasses all hair product categories including chemical treatments such as hair colors, relaxers, perms and straighteners. We provide all of the required clients, testing protocols, experienced stylists and clear, concise reports.

Focus Groups:
At our state-of-the-art focus group room, we can conduct group sessions to explore new ideas and concepts or conduct one on one interviews to probe products performance post use. Our one way mirrors allow you to watch the products in use with minimum intrusion. We can provide experienced moderators, panelists, and our reports can include audio and video tapes of your sessions.
Home Use Tests:
We can help gather opinions on your products’ performance in home use tests using a variety of methodologies such as Monadic, Sequential Monadic, or Paired Comparisons. Panels which are typically 100 per cell are custom recruited to meet your specific target users. Results are statistically analyzed and reported within a week after tests are completed.

For our hair care product development services, please visit our website.

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