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SCC hosts a Directory of Testing Laboratories, listing their areas of expertise and information on their services.



Accugen Laboratories, Inc.Contact: Tehseen Naqvi
Home 50 West 75th Street Willowbrook IL 60527
Work Phone: 630-789-8105 Work Fax: 630-789-8104Website:

Accugen is a FDA registered, independent contract microbiology laboratory. We offer full microbiological testing and analyze products from a wide variety of industries. Our microbiological testing laboratory is comprised of a highly experienced team of microbiologists who are experts in testing ASTM, AOAC, AATCC, FDA, EPA, USDA, USP, CTFA, JIS, ISO and other methods of analysis. Our competent professionals have decades of experience in routine microbiological testing. We are considered leading authorities in microbial testing. Accugen has provided impeccable microbiological services to Cosmetics, pharmaceutical, disinfectant, food, personal care, household, medical device, antimicrobial, paint, paper, plastic, textile and other miscellaneous industries. At Accugen, we understand the challenges presented by a changing market place and our goal is to maintain the cost effective and highest quality microbiological testing services.

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Adamson Analytical Laboratories, Inc.Contact: Vicky Seto
Work 220 Crouse Street Corona CA 92879
Work Phone: (951)-549-9657 Work Fax: (951)-549-9659Website:

Adamson Analytical Laboratories, Inc. is an independent contract testing laboratory with over 15 years of experience providing analytical testing services for manufacturers of pharmaceutical/OTC products, cosmetic and personal care products, food products, nutritional and dietary supplements, and other consumer products. Our facility is located in California and includes a main analytical laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and a biotechnology laboratory.

Services we offer include product stability/shelf life studies, contamination detection, USP monograph testing (and others), import/export testing, preservative challenge, time kill studies, in-vitro skin/eye irritation, GMO/meat source detection, formulation and development support, and others. We are FDA registered and DEA licensed. We maintain cGMP compliance acceptable under both FDA and Health Canada regulations. Contact us for a quote.

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Allied Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc.Contact: Vernell Stornes
Work 4541 Shelby Road Millington TN 38053
Work Phone: 901-872-3075 Work Fax: 901-872-1363Website:

AALSI specializes in active ingredient testing of OTC Sunscreens and Personal Care Products. We perform product specific method validations as well as routine batch analysis and both room temperature and accelerated stability studies.

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AMA Laboratories, Inc.Contact: Gabriel Letizia
Work 216 Congers Road New City NY 10956
Work Phone: 845-634-4330 Work Fax: 845-634-5565Website:

AMA Laboratories, Inc. is staffed by over 61 professionals occupying more than 75,000 sq. feet of modern laboratory space 30 miles north of NYC. Registered and in good standing for over 25 years with USFDA and certified by ISO 9001. The company conducts state-of-the-art testing in RIPT/Safety, Infrared Sunscreen Testing (IRPF™), SPF Determinations, Claim Substantiation, Biophysical Instrumentation, In-Vitro Studies and our unique Matched Scientific Photography (MSP™) using AMA’s PhotoGrammetrix (PhGx®) System of image analysis. Advanced studies can enhance documented final report data with our PolyChrommetrix (PcMx™) 3D modeling plus corporate and commercial advertising video capabilities. The AMA process offers newly developed proprietary concepts of scientifically acquired, non-invasive “before and after” digital images accurately measured photo-electronically. This unique system allows for matched high resolution photographs to be directly incorporated into our clients’ advertising and marketing materials for a truly sensational presentation format.

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Analytical Resource LaboratoryContact: Matthew R. Lewis
Work 1046 S. 1680 W. Orem UT 84058

Analytical Resource Laboratory has been specializing in microbiological and chemical testing of foods, cosmetics, and dietary supplements for more than 15 years. Our experience in Quality Assurance and Research and Development, along with our expertise in quality testing and USP and Personal Care Products Council (formerly CTFA) preservative efficacy challenge testing have been a great part of our success. Analytical Resource Laboratory continues to service its customers in the same efficient, friendly, and scientifically sound manner that has spurred our growth and success. It is our goal to exceed expectations by providing superior service and respect to our clients. We would love to put our expertise to work for you.

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Biometrix, Inc.Contact: Mark Eisenberg
Work 2419 Ocean Avenue San Francisco CA 94127
Work Phone: 973-960-5392 Work Phone: 415-333-0624Website:

Biometrix has become the clinical research partner of choice for leading cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The reasons are basic:

Our services are truly cost effective. Because of our innovative global partnerships, we are able to perform state-of-the-art research projects at tremendous savings…savings which we pass on to you.

We excel in reaching the typically hard-to-recruit populations. Because of our global presence, we successfully recruit in the ethnically rich San Francisco Bay area, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, India and other worldwide locations. If you have been challenged in reaching hard to recruit populations, we can assist. Recruiting for both standard populations and hard-to-reach populations are now possible to obtain without worry from one clinical research organization – Biometrix.

We actively partner with the University of California-San Francisco and other institutions. Our partnerships with the University of California at San Francisco and other institutions worldwide link us to networks of the top clinical research leaders. We also offer microbiology lab capabilities.

We employ a large array of the latest, cutting-edge technologies.
Our industry-leading access to these technologies allows us to explore and execute both standard studies and those which require outside-the-box thinking. Big or small, we serve all our clients with dedication and expertise you require and need.

You are our research partner, not just our client. We work closely with you through the clinical trial and claims support process…from study design and trial initiation through data analysis results interpretation.

Flexibility and adaptability. We easily adjust to changing needs during the study process to deliver reliable and dependable outcomes for your studies.

We specialize in problem solving.We take special care in protocol development that suits your particular research and budgetary needs.

Select services offered – Claim substantiation support, Product safety and efficacy testing, Skin hydration and moisturization, Oil and shine control, Fine line and wrinkle reduction, RIPT testing, SPF testing, Special population studies, Hard-to-recruit studies, Nail and hair care studies, Shared panel testing, In-vitro and in-vivo testing, Safety-in-use testing, Medical device testing and evaluations, Medical and ocular device testing, Dental care testing, Healthcare and pharmaceutical testing, Topical and transdermal studies, Biopsy studies, Translational Research & Bioinstrumentation.

Whatever your study size or your research challenge, Biometrix is here to serve you. Contact Society of Cosmetic Chemists member Mark Eisenberg, Biometrix’s Marketing Manager, today at 973-960-5392 or 415-333-0624.

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BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.
Home 3904 Del Amo Blvd Torrance CA 90503
Work Phone: 310-214-0043 Work Fax: 310-370-3642Website:

BioScreen Testing Services, Inc., is a full service analytical chemistry, microbiology and human clinical testing laboratory that provides turn-key services for the cosmetic and Over-the-Counter drug industry. BioScreen provides cGMP chemical and microbiological analysis and consulting as well as clinical claims substantiation for personal care products. Turn-key services for sunscreens including laboratory support, SPF and human safety testing makes BioScreen Testing Services a leader in GMP Testing and consulting in the western United States.

BioScreen Clincal Services, our Clinical Testing & Claims Division of BioScreen brings together an expert group of physicians and scientists. We offer a wide range of safety and efficacy testing to manufacturers of cosmetics, OTC drug products, household and industrial raw materials. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Additionally, custom protocols are designed to client specifications and used to provide critical supporting data to meet the needs of regulatory bodies.

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Bria Salon & Performance Testing CenterContact: Arun Nandagiri
Work 1920 Industrial Drive Libertyville IL 60048
Work Phone: 847-918-1774 Work Fax: 847-816-1830Website:

Bria Performance Testing Center provides a variety of services to bring you and your products closer to your consumers and in understanding their needs.

Claims Substantiation:
In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand, and it is equally important to have them differentiated from other similar products. Supporting product claims that can withstand scrutiny is a challenging activity that needs to be done before the product is introduced. We can help in developing a robust claims package that includes a variety of instrumental tests which can be coupled with salon and home use test data..

Instrumental Testing:
Our instrumental testing methodologies are widely accepted by the industry and have been used to guide product development efforts, product evaluations, claim support, patents, litigation etc. Quick turnaround time and our costs are very competitive. Call us to learn more about our protocols which have been used to get approvals from HSN, QVC and other net works

Salon Testing:
We have a fully staffed four-station hair salon where we can evaluate your product’s performance, substantiate product claims or perform any other studies on consumers. It encompasses all hair product categories including chemical treatments such as hair colors, relaxers, perms and straighteners. We provide all of the required clients, testing protocols, experienced stylists and clear, concise reports.

Focus Groups:
At our state-of-the-art focus group room, we can conduct group sessions to explore new ideas and concepts or conduct one on one interviews to probe products performance post use. Our one way mirrors allow you to watch the products in use with minimum intrusion. We can provide experienced moderators, panelists, and our reports can include audio and video tapes of your sessions.
Home Use Tests:
We can help gather opinions on your products’ performance in home use tests using a variety of methodologies such as Monadic, Sequential Monadic, or Paired Comparisons. Panels which are typically 100 per cell are custom recruited to meet your specific target users. Results are statistically analyzed and reported within a week after tests are completed.

For our hair care product development services, please visit our website.

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Ceutical LaboratoriesContact: Courtland Imel
Work 2300 Valley View Lane, Suite 230 Dallas TX 75234
Work Phone: 972-241-8374 Work Fax: 972-241-0619Website:

Full service organization providing product concept, product development, analytical chemistry, microbiology, compliance, quality systems and regular submissions.

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Chemical Solutions, Ltd.Contact: Mark Hartman
Work 273 Mulberry Drive #9 Mechanicsburg PA 17050
Work Phone: 717-697-7536 Work Fax: 717-697-4800Website:

Chemical Solutions Ltd. is an independent analytical testing laboratory that specializes in ultra-trace-level elemental analysis. Our professional staff has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of analytical chemistry. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality analytical services. It is with this dedication, that we are able to offer timely and responsive service. As our core instrumentation, we have an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS). Using ICP-MS technology with the combined skills of our staff, we provide a unique source of information about analytical methodologies. In addition, we can provide interpretive services for our clients.

Chemical Solutions Ltd. was established in 1995 by Ian Milnes, who had been a consultant to the analytical laboratory industry for several years. In early 1997, a critical need for ultra-trace-level elemental testing was observed, and ICP-MS instrumentation was added to our capabilities. We are solely dedicated to ultra-trace-level elemental testing, consequently our emphasis is to the detail and accuracy of your individual or ongoing project. We maintain our commitment to client satisfaction with rapid turnaround and personalized client involvement.

Our experiences have been in the environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial and dietary nutritional supplement and cosmetic disciplines. However, we will continue to explore and develop our services in response to our clients needs. Chemical Solutions Ltd. is FDA registered and audited, ISO 17025 and NELAP accredited to assure you of the quality of the data you receive from CSL.

Our organization does not provide just results, but reliable, responsive and quality assured information that you can confidently use to produce sound business decisions. Please contact us for all your ultra-trace-level elemental requirements.

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Chemir Analytical Services
Work 2672 Metro Blvd Maryland Heights MO 63043
Work Phone: 800-659-7659 Work Fax: 314-291-6630Website:

Chemir Analytical Services is an independent analytical laboratory specializing in problem solving and formulation development for the home, health, and beauty industries. We also offer litigation support services in cases involving patent infringement, product liability, and intellectual property rights.

For over 50 years, Chemir has provided non-routine analytical investigations, specializing in deformulation, or reverse engineering. Our services also include materials identification, failure analysis and product characterization. Chemir has solved many difficult problems such as contamination, packaging failures, off-odors, off-colors and more.

Chemir has partnered with many companies throughout their product’s life cycle. From concept to commercialization, our formulations team can help with product development, stability testing, and scale-up. Our facility is cGMP compliant, FDA registered, ISO 9001 certified, DEA licensed, and is centrally located in suburban St. Louis, Missouri.

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Clinical Research Laboratories Inc.
Work 371 Hoes Lane Suite 100 Piscataway NJ 08854
Work Phone: 732-981-1616 Work Fax: 732-909-2879Website:

Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. (CRL) provides a wide range of clinical safety and efficacy testing for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. is conveniently located in central New Jersey. CRL is dedicated to conducting human clinical test procedures to determine the safety and efficacy of cosmetic, personal care and OTC drug products. Areas of expertise include Dermatology, Photobiology, Ophthalmology, Bioinstrumentation, Microbiology, Cosmetology, Consumer Research Evaluation and Clinical Trials.

The newly expanded 25,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art facility includes complete Ophthalmology suites for non-invasive and invasive evaluations, a full service beauty salon and a Photobiology/Sunscreen suite featuring a Jacuzzi, showers and dressing room. The fully equipped Bioinstrumentation laboratory provides the newest in claims support technology as well as our state-of-the-art HotPack Environmental Chamber, which has the capability to perform a variety of testing functions. The unit is validated to operate at temperatures between 18oC and 38oC and at humidity ranges of between 20 and 80% RH.

The unit is equipped with an airlock and a one-way mirror. The unit will primarily be used for claims support testing such as, hydration, TEWL, antiperspirant, and facial sting testing as well as a variety of other specialty uses.

Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. maintains an extensive and varied panelist database. CRL’s custom, computer database can provide precise information regarding profiles, demographics and medical histories. Other selective information such as gender, age, specific medical conditions and ethnicity is available.

Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing cost-effective testing of the highest quality combined with timely scheduling, comprehensive final reports and a commitment to customer service.

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Consumer Product Testing CompanyContact: Craig Weiss
Work 70 New Dutch Lane Fairfield NJ 07004
Work Phone: 973-808-7111 Work Fax: 973-808-7234Website:

Consumer Product Testing Company is a worldwide leader in the contract laboratory testing of cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, medical devices and specialty chemicals. Since 1975, we have assisted clients with their testing needs consistent with our logo “from conception to completion”. The services offered include clinical safety; claims validation; photobiology; analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry; microbiology; sterility testing; consulting services; as well as both in-vitro and in-vivo toxicology. Our technical staff of over 130 has extensive experience that is used to assist clients through each phase of the testing process.

We attribute our growth to our dedication to the needs of our clients. Well-known for our superior customer service, we become an integral part of our client’s team, providing timely, reliable, accurate and reproducible results.

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Custom Analytics LLCContact: Charles Metcalfe
Work 3789 Thomas Sumter Hwy Dalzell SC 29040
Work Phone: 803-499-4469 Work Fax: 803-499-4530Website:

Custom Analytics LLC is an FDA and Health Canada inspected contract analytical laboratory providing services to the personal care, OTC, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Our chemists specialize in developing analytical methods for unique products and applications as well as performing USP/NF compendial assays under cGMP compliance. We also provide microbiological testing for coliforms, standard plate counts and preservative challenge testing.
In the event that you are formulating with controlled substances we also have a DEA license.

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EvalulabContact: Ewa Kulig
Work 5475 Pare Suite 206 Montreal Quebec H4P 1P7 Canada
Work Phone: 514-735-3253 Work Phone: 866-595-0001Website:

Evalulab is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that offers standard and customized clinical studies to evaluate the safety, tolerance, efficacy and consumer preference of:

– Skin Care & Cosmetic Products
– Personal Care Products
– Medical Devices
– OTC Products
– Natural Health Products.

Evalulab provides the tools to bridge the gap between you and your consumers.  The laboratory helps you substantiate product claims with reliable and accurate scientific data. The results of studies carried out by Evalulab provide an in-depth analysis of your products allowing you to predict and increase their marketing potential. Our services aim to fulfill your needs and to help you stand out from your competition.

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Genemarkers, LLCContact: Anna Langerveld
Work 126 E. South Street Kalamazoo MI 49007
Work Phone: 269-337-4145 Work Fax: 269-372-3397Website:

Genemarkers, LLC provides custom genomics research services to skin care and cosmeceutical industry clients. Gene expression testing is useful for understanding biological mechanisms, validating efficacy and improving product formulations.

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IDEA TESTS GroupContact: Pascal Yvon
Work 5, rue Jacques Monod - 33652 Martillac France

IDEA TESTS Group is a testing company that has specialized in the evaluation of cosmetic and personal care products for over 15 years. IDEA provides its services to companies on an international basis with customers all over the world.

IDEA performs a wide range of clinical tests to assess tolerance and efficacy, in vitro tests (OECD toxicology and efficacy tests), microbiological controls and toxicological expertise for both finished products and raw materials.

IDEA also provides regulatory assistance and customized recommendations to establish suitable tests to meets customers specific needs and to ensure compliance with current regulations.

IDEA is ISO 9001 v. 2008 certified, respects GCP (Good Clinical Practices) and is GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) certified.

IDEA TESTS Group is organized into 4 departments to provide a holistic approach to client need: IDEA Clinic (tolerance and efficacy studies) with 4 clinical centers (2 in France, 1 in Romania and 1 in Thailand), that specialize in clinical testing; IDEA Lab (cell culture and microbiology) with 2 laboratories in France, specializes in in vitro tests, IDEA Sun specializes in solar product testing and IDEA Legal (which provides Regulatory assistance and Safety Assessment services). With over 70 employees in 5 evaluation centers, its presence in the US, IDEA provides personalized contact and rapid turnaround times for client studies.

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Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.Contact: Amanda Ulrey
Work 30 W. Watkins Mill Road, Suite 100 Gaithersburg MD 20878
Work Phone: 301-947-6523 Work Fax: 301-947-6538Website:

For over 15 years IIVS has helped cosmetic and personal care scientists incorporate non-animal test methods into their safety and efficacy programs.  In our GLP-compliant testing facility we offer assays to assess eye and skin irritation, sensitization, phototoxicity, eye sting and more.  IIVS can help companies build robust in vitro programs to meet today’s international regulatory requirements.

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MB Research LaboratoriesContact: Barbara Kweder
Work PO Box 178 Spinnerstown PA 18968
Work Phone: 215-536-4110 Work Fax: 215-536-1816Website:

MB Research has been conducting safety assessments for the Cosmetic and Personal Care industries for over 40 Years! We are a leader in the use and development of In Vitro/Alternative Toxicology Tests. With over 19,000 in vivo and 9,000 in vitro ocular and dermal irritation studies performed, our experience and attention to our Sponsor’s needs, as well as our ability to provide testing in a timely manner, distinguishes MB Research from other labs.

MB offers alternative assays such as:
Chorioallantoic Membrane Cascular Assay (CAMVA)
Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Assay (BCOP)
MatTek Epiderm™ and EpiOcular™ and other MatTek Assays
3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Assay
Local Lymph Node Assay (LLNA)

Our studies are in full compliance with Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines and OECD, FDA and EPA. Our laboratories are AAALAC accredited, and we have exemplary inspection records from EPA and FDA.

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Microbiological Testing & Consulting, Inc.Contact: Nestor Tomasi
Work 660 N. Collins Street, Suite 1 Joliet IL 60432
Work Phone: 815-722-8700 Work Fax: 815-722-9763Website:

Microbiological Testing & Consulting provides comprehensive product research & development and product safety services to the middle market personal care product firms. In its 20th year, MTC works to provide all companies in the industry the same capabilities as their larger personal care competitors. Our product research & development services have developed hundreds of the new or reformulated products in the marketplace today, staying ahead of the most desired formulation trends your consumers demand. To maintain control of your product, you will also own the formula. The Microbiological Testing & Consulting micro lab works to insure the safety of your products with a strong array of services including routine micro testing, challenge and stability testing. Our lab consultants work for you to evaluate and ascertain the compliance of your production facilities with the standards both you and the FDA require to keep your products safe and to protect your bottom line. They write and evaluate cGMP and test for compliance on your behalf as well as investigate product safety problems to find a solution for you. Everything we do is designed to keep you in control: Control of your product, Control of your market, and Control of your product safety!
Our team at MTC is ready to discuss those parts of your business that provide challenge so you can focus on the parts that help you grow. Call us today to start you on the path to the answers you need.


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Microconsult, Inc.Contact: Bill Bryan
Work 3218 Commander Drive Suite 100 Carrollton TX 75006
Work Phone: 972-250-2902 Work Fax: 972-250-2903Website:

FDA Registered Microbiological and Analytical Testing Laboratory with Services to the OTC Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cosmetic/Personal Care and Nutritional Industries. Testing includes Raw Material, Bulk and Finished Goods; Creams, Lotions, Liquids, Sunscreens, Acne Products, Analgesics, Gels, Tablets and Other Products. Product Stability/Shelf Life, Monograph Testing for OTC Pharmaceuticals. cGMP Compliance. Same day testing for Microbiological Submissions. Most Analytical submissions tested within 5-7 days.

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proDERM InstituteContact: Sascha Faust
Work proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research GmbH Kiebitzweg 2 Schenefeld/Hamburg 22869 Germany
Work Phone: 49-40-839 358-34 Work Fax: 49-40-839 358-39Website:

proDERM is an international leading CRO with a strong focus on studies relating to skin, hair and mucous membranes. Being headquartered in Schenefeld/Hamburg, the institute today has over 90 permanent staff including over 30 scientists with a university education supported by GCP-experienced board-certified investigators in dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatrics and gynecology. proDERM has established an excellent reputation as being a reliable high-quality provider of clinical trial services on the basis of outstanding technical equipment and extraordinary know-how. Founded in 1994 by Prof. Klaus Peter Wilhelm, an internationally renowned specialist in the field of dermatopharmacology and dermatotoxicology, proDERM is a privately owned company and fully independent. It operates as a full-service CRO. The institute’s state-of-the art facility comprises more than 2.400 m².

Our two main divisions respect the different regulatory requirements:
– proDERM Pharma performs phase I and II a proof-of-concept and tolerability studies in a fully ICH-GCP compliant environment for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices.
– proDERM Cosmetic performs claims support and safety studies for Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Consumer Goods in a quality system approximating ICH/GCP requirements.

Ever since 2001, proDERM has been certified according to quality management system ISO 9000. The institute has worked for more than 400 clients on all 5 continents.

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Q Laboratories, Inc.Contact: David G. Goins
Work 1400 Harrison Avenue Cincinnati OH 45214-1606
Work Phone: 513-471-1300 Work Fax: 513-471-5600Website:

An independent analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory, providing services to meet all your analytical and quality assurance needs. Q laboratories, Inc. has been serving the cosmetic, OTC and pharmaceutical industries since 1966 combining large laboratory capabilities with personal service and attention. Recognized by the FDA for pharmaceutical testing, capabilities include complete USP Monograph Testing, GMP Pharmaceutical Testing, Active Ingredient Monitoring, Stability Testing, Pathogen Detection, Time Kill Studies, MIC Testing, USP Purified Water Testing and much more.

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SkinAxisContact: Arevik Mosoian
Work CCIT, 675 US Highway One North Brunswick NJ 08902
Work Phone: 347-707-0829 Work Fax: 732-745-7270Website:

SkinAxis is a biotechnology company that develops advanced technologies for skin research for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries involved in drug and active ingredient discovery.

SkinAxis relies on a unique technology and innovative know-how to develop novel 3D skin equivalent models. This technology provides a flexible, highly sensitive, and reproducible platform for investigation and drug discovery in normal and diseased skin under physiological conditions.

Skin Models

Multiple cell and 3D systems are available to meet your specific needs:

  • 2D genetically engineered skin cell models
  • 3D skin models
  • Genetically engineered 3D skin models
  • 3D skin models for detection of UV damage
  • 3D skin models for anti-melanoma drug screening
  • Oral mucosa equivalent
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SpincontrolContact: Azita Kazerouni
Work Spincontrol Amérique du Nord - Spincontrol North America Inc. 550 Sherbrooke West Suite #2055 Montreal Quebec H3A 1B9 Canada
Work Phone: 514 759 3351, x106 Work Phone: 514 371 8609Website:

Spincontrol offers clinical evaluations for cosmetic products & devices, as well as personal care and natural health products. We provide standard and customized protocols for the substantiation of tolerance and efficacy claims, comparative evaluations, and safety in-use studies. Our multiethnic panel offers our clients the option of conducting studies on a wide range of skin types. Spincontrol works closely with an IRB under the ICH-GCP guidelines and complies with the FDA & Health Canada regulations.

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Suncare Research Laboratories, LLCContact: Joseph W. Stanfield
Work 2518 B Reynolda Road Winston Salem NC 27106
Work Phone: 336-782-0043 Work Fax: 336-725-6503Website:
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TA Evans LLCContact: Trefor Evans
Work 159 Samoset Street Plymouth MA 02360
Work Phone: 630-306-0013Website:

TA Evans LLC comprises TAE Testing Lab and Trefor Evans Consulting. With over 20 years of applied experience we are proud to provide comprehensive support to the hair care industry. We specialize in instrumental and in vitro testing services, our clients range from multi-national corporations to entrepreneurial startups.
Founder, Dr. Trefor Evans, has worked in the hair and personal care industry for over 20 years as a manager in the product development labs of major consumer goods companies and as a director of measurement services before establishing TA Evans LLC in 2012. He possesses a Ph.D. in Physical-Analytical Chemistry specializing in the use of measurement science to support a wide range of functions within the personal care industry. He holds seven patents in the area of hair care and has published numerous articles in the scientific literature and trade magazines as well as co-authoring and co-editing “Practical Modern Hair Science” by Allured Books.

TAE is actively engaged in the hair industry research community and participates in a broad selection of conferences, technical symposia and trade shows. Our intent is to advance the science and enable the development of superior products.

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